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Title: Glen can you help?
Post by: butchiedog on October 17, 2006, 04:21:48 PM
Hello Glen,

I am attempting to sort some things out for my glass marks project and there are some very similar pattern\marigold iridescent items which I see attributed to a couple of makers, usually Imperial or Jeannette. What I am most interested in are those which have a Turner Brothers glass mark on them, but are still attributed to one of the other makers. The Turner Brothers mark is a T in a triangle and it appears that sometimes the mark didn't come out right, the top half of the T doesn't show, so when looked at upside down it appears to be a J in a triangle and because of that people think it is a Jeannette mark. About all I know about Turner Brothers is they made bottles and many had a marigold iridescent finish on them. They also made special order items for the food and florist industry, but no large lines of tableware like Jeannette, only some tumblers, (sometimes marked) which were premiums included in some other company's product, cereal or soap, not sure which.

Anyway;  since you do so much research with Carnival Glass I was wondering if you had any further information you could share.

Here is a  picture of some Turner Brothers items etc.

--- Mike
Title: Glen can you help?
Post by: Glen on October 17, 2006, 06:58:36 PM
Gosh Mike - I have not heard of Turner Brothers before. I will certainly see if I have anything in my archives / "library" that mentions them.

I guess you have asked Carl (carma). Was he able to add anything?

Please give me a few days to look into it as I have some deadlines to meet.

Thanks for the interesting challenge  :lol:

Title: Glen can you help?
Post by: butchiedog on October 17, 2006, 07:21:25 PM

I have brought this up on the ebay glass board before, but nobody seemed to know anything or just didn't say anything. I don't know if this sort of thing would really fall into the Carnival Glass category or not, since it's just cheaply made stuff for commercial purposes. I'm assuming that many people, other than antique bottle collectors don't care or just don't know enough about old bottle making companies, so they likely wouldn't think of a bottle making company for making anything other than bottles. The bottle collectors too pretty much ignore any tableware items that a bottle company may have made and concentrate more on the bottles, so there is quite a bit of oddball glass bits out there in ID limbo so to speak. I guess I was wondering if some other glass maker may have ended up with Turner Brothers molds or whatever, or if because some of their items look a bit like other maker's items they have been lumped into the wrong place.

--- Mike