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Title: Derek Parsons obituary
Post by: Angela B on October 27, 2006, 12:37:53 PM
It is with great sadness that I share with you this information.
Derek Parsons, co-author of the book "Bagley Glass" and author of the video on Bagley Glass, passed away on October 6th 2006.
He had been in hospital for only three weeks but his lung problem had affected his heart and eventually his whole body wore out. Fortunately he had little pain and his frustration at not being able to do much for himself was not prolonged.
His funeral was on Friday 13th October 2006.
Derek and his wife Betty had collected Bagley Glass for many many years, ever since they had asked Charles Hajdamach to recommend a little known field of collecting that was likely to increase in importance.
Their collection was amazingly comprehensive, both in the glass items they purchased and also the documents they copied and collected from many sources.  I was fortunate to see this collection in their home, before it went to the Pontefract Museum.
Derek and Betty produced the first published source of information for identifying Bagley Glass,  in the form of a video.
Years later I worked with them in converting this video into CD format, and later still we collaborated on a book called "Bagley Glass".
Derek was a kind and wise friend,  and he will long be missed by those of us whom he inspired with a love of Bagley glass.