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Glass Paperweights / ysart brothers
« Last post by millarart on Today at 08:38:51 PM »
picked this one up today  I assume im right in saying its ysart brothers?, sorry for the flash reflection
Glass / Opaline vase?
« Last post by antonizz on Today at 08:16:39 PM »
Hello everyone,

I found this vase online.
I don't know if it has pontil or signature on the bottom.
The seller hasn't responded yet.

To me it looks like opaline glass.
That's all I "know".

I hope somebody can tell me more about it's origin and/or maker.

Thank you very much!!
Glass / Re: Blue Cut Glass Goblet - Josef Hoffmann?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 08:06:29 PM »
not remotely my area Dirk, but just wanted to say it's a gorgeous and attractive cobalt blue and a good size too.         When someone says Hoffmann, I automatically think it must be old, but this pieces looks so pristine it's hard to imagine it really has any age - are Hoffmann still going, and if not when did they cease?            I hate to sound a 'doubting Thomas', but personally, I'd be wary of on-line provenance unless you know the person to be an authority or accurate beyond doubt.
Anyway, glad you didn't buy any fleas ;)

Sorry this is 100% unhelpful.
Glass / Re: Nazeing vase?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 07:59:06 PM »
hi  -  you don't explain why you're 'guessing' Nazeing, so unsure if you have Geoff. Timblerlake's book or not.         I'm with you for Nazeing on the shape, but it's the colour that's giving the problem plus the bubble intensity doesn't look strong enough.    However, you learn in this game never to say never ;)        They were known for their swirling bubbles, and I can't really see that in this piece, although the colour may be preventing a good image, and in the book their lilacs and purple don't generally appear anywhere near as dense or dark as this one.

W/Fs certainly did a shape similar to this, but theirs wasn't bubbled or swirly - just a dense solid colour, and with a ring to die for (as with many of their thin pieces).             Having a good quality ground and polished pontil depression is not remotely exclusive to W/Fs  -  many factories produced pieces with such a feature - some of them British too ;)

If this is neither then regret that's the limit of my knowledge on unmarked purple pieces. :)
my comments were referring to the Bagley celeries only  -  you won't find the word on any C19 examples, and I doubt on anything made before WW II  -  it seems to have been a wartime ploy to use the word to avoid aspects of luxury tax, and as you say there are Czech. examples from the 1940s that do carry the word.                  They were still part of popular weekend tea table items even in the late 1940s and early 1950s.     Does anyone still use them now  -  possibly not, since most of us sit on the sofa with a plate on our laps watching tv ;)
This situation my mother would never have allowed  -  you always sat at table, butter was in a dish, milk in a jug, jam in a pot and celery in a celery.  :) 
Glass / Re: Gallé Vase ????
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 06:20:39 PM »
Welcome to the board.  :)
Are these your own photographs? You say you do not own the vase, but are just considering buying it, so I suspect you may have pasted downloaded images.

Sorry to be difficult, but you're not allowed to post images that belong to somebody else, the board could be sued for copyright infringement.

You are allowed, and welcome, to post a link to the site that contains the images, so that we can still see them, but legally.

Or would you be kind enough to ask the owner of the images for permission to use them?

I can see that you're quite new here, don't worry about it, we'll get it sorted once we know who owns the images. :)
Thanks, both. I've never had any before but rather strangely have found three in the last couple of months, two of them this week. All are different makers - two Czech and the other Webb - but all have etched not moulded lettering.
Glass / Blue Cut Glass Goblet - Josef Hoffmann?
« Last post by dirk. on Today at 05:57:20 PM »

a rather nice flea-market find, which I found online - attributed to Josef Hoffmann.
Can anybody confirm that ID?

It´s ca. 15.3cm tall

It's true. Luxury goods like vases were taxed. Tableware like celery "vases" wasn't.
Is the word etched? - I thought it was in relief, but memory could now be unreliable  ....  I've had one in the past but not now.

Am certain the comments informing that there was less purchase tax on items with 'Celery' on them is very factual and not just some old wives tale, although regrettably can't point you in the direction of provenance for this............    hope someone else can, or alternatively you can search for yourself on line.
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