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British & Irish Glass / Re: Webb Corbett vase for dating.
« Last post by essi on Today at 08:39:17 PM »
Paul, do you have the small softback book ;Art deco to post modernism, it was published to accompany an exhibition curated by Nigel Benson and Jeanette Hayhurst.
the book contains about 25 photos of Webb Corbett designs. I could not see your example but a few things that were similar.
This may not be much help but it might get Nigel on to the forum to give his opinion.
Glass / Re: Splattered Crackle glass?
« Last post by bat20 on Today at 08:22:12 PM »
It's just ribbed I think ,like a freely thrown pot on a wheel.
Glass / Re: Splattered Crackle glass?
« Last post by catshome on Today at 07:33:00 PM »
Is it optic ribbed as well?
Glass / Re: Splattered Crackle glass?
« Last post by bat20 on Today at 07:27:24 PM »
Yup I've seen a lot of that type of glass aswell,this one however is either studio made or back street Chinese.It has more texture than the standard ware of this type and heavier,though the glass is evenly distributed .You can see black in the crackles on the lower half.
Glass / Re: Splattered Crackle glass?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 06:39:14 PM »
not really my area, but the colourway and shape are reminiscent of some of the Czech. glass from between the wars (the C20 ones), but there my knowledge ceases.         I did have a very slim booklet on this sort of inexpensive glass - which included what we call 'tango glass (orange stuff) from a lady author who's name I now forget  -  and that included acres of what is called spatter glass.
Keith will recall the lady's name, I'm sure - I think he has the booklet in question.

Of course this one might well be Chinese, it does look a tad rough in places  -  perhaps just copying  -  again.  :)           Take you word for it this one is crackle  -  can't see from these pix.               
Glass / Re: Hello - Is this lead crystal?
« Last post by nappy501 on Today at 06:01:31 PM »
Thank you for your response.  I was only able to identify the four Braemar brandy glasses because I found the boxes.  I have been unable to identify the other glass.  I have tried flicking it with my finger, they all ring to me?

It was my mother's collection of glass.  So I think I will try listing the whole lot on Ebay as one lot and mention the Royal Brierley glasses and just call it lead glass.
Glass / Re: Cameo glass signature
« Last post by catshome on Today at 05:27:10 PM »
Came back too late to modify the above post to add thanks to the administrator at Понаехали Тут! for their kind assistance with this information.

Found this Bonhams lot which includes a really good picture of the signature - click on the image of the vase and the other image should appear
Glass / Re: Hello - Is this lead crystal?
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 05:20:56 PM »
Hi - welcome to the GMB.                  I would have thought that if these were lead crystal then it would say as much on the box  -  the absence of such wording probably implies these are not lead glass, though it seems a tad surprising since R.B. are well know for making high quality glass, usually.               If you flick the glass, is there a good 'ring'?

Rather than lead crystal, it's usually o.k. to say simply lead glass  -  it means that during the melting process a quantity of lead oxide is added to the batch - this makes the glass heavier, better suited to the cutting process, and helps to produce that long lead glass ring when the glass is flicked.        Such glass is mostly more expensive than non lead glass, and the added lead usually gives a better colour to the glass.
In the U.K., full lead glass/crystal, is supposed to contain c. 34% of lead  -  in other countries this percentage varies, and can in some cases be a lot lower.
The crystal bit is really just a description of the obvious  -  that the glass is clear.

Modern cut brandy balloons such as these, have little significant value  -  though of course it depends on your interpretation of 'significant'.    Have a look on ebay or other on line auction sites  -  you will probably get an idea as to approximate worth by looking at similar glasses.

Not entirely sure of your meaning of  "Is any of the other glass lead crystal?"  -  assume you are speaking only of these Braemar glasses?

You might try the internet site  -  look under Royal Brierley - you should find Braemar.

sorry if this not exactly what you wanted, but as mentioned, don't think these are going to pay you a fortune.                Let's see what others here think.

just looked, and 12 oz. Braemar brandy balloon is shown on the site, but any prices shown will be for new replacements, and will be way more than the second hand value.
Glass / Hello - Is this lead crystal?
« Last post by nappy501 on Today at 04:48:09 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I have joined as I need some help.  I am not a collector, but hope someone will help me to identify this glass.  I have searched on the internet and cannot find a difinitive answer on identifying lead crystal.

I was able to identify the brandy glasses as I found the boxes.  These are Royal Brierley Braemer 12 oz brandy glasses.  Is any of the other glass lead crystal?

I found it difficult to take clear photographs.  Please let me know and I will try and get better photographs.  I don't want to take it all to the charity shop if it is of significant value.

I have included a link as the photos are larger than a megabit.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Glass / Re: Cameo glass signature
« Last post by catshome on Today at 04:10:07 PM »
Took a flyer and emailed the administrator of a Russian forum - not a glass site - and had this amazing reply.

"Yes, it's in Cyrillic Russian, probably before the Revolution. Horrible lighting on the vase, so can't read it properly, but I believe it bears the monogram of this guy who was the owner of this crystal producing factory There is more info in Russian but you have to continue your own research."

Couldn't resist looking further.  Found this one with what appears to be the same signature....sold for 25,000!  It does look a little better in terms of image and quality, but still interesting to see the signature with the name.

This one looks closer to yours

Maybe it's time to check the features for fake and repro cameo glass....
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