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British & Irish Glass / Re: More Webb 'bullseye' for show.
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 07:06:27 PM »
Sue imbibing ;) ;)                I'd agree manganese.

Appreciate these were made in the U.K., but on the Continent isn't it usually white wine they usually drink from green glasses??     
British & Irish Glass / Re: Champagne Glass ? ID = Clayton Mayers & Co.
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 06:49:54 PM »
mystery as to why so many of CM items should be missing from what we'd assume is the list of Board of Trade CLASS III Registrations. 
Of the twenty four which appear in the Stewart's list, it looks like only five are showing in the Blue Book.            I could be wrong, but it seems the total of twenty four should correctly be 25, since 719644 is shown in the Blue Book coupled with 719643  -  this makes the total which are in the Blue Book up to six.

Perhaps CM had a Registration agent working for them, and entry in the correct CLASS was a bit hit and miss.                    Presumably the Stewart's did their research at Kew, and were able to confirm those Nos. absent from the Blue to be in CLASS IV, but we can't be certain of this.

I'll have a look at Rd. 810370 when I visit Kew - either Thursday or Friday this week - and assuming this one is in CLASS IV then probably the others are too.

British & Irish Glass / Re: Whitefriars bark tumbler gold rim ???
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 05:23:24 PM »
Now you've mentioned that Marc, I've looked a bit more closely at the texture.
I'd put it not looking as deeply textured as Glacier down to being a photographic fartiact, but now I'm wondering if it might actually be something else.

Glacier glasses feel sharp to hold, they're not comfortable and they don't fit into my hand nicely. They're not well designed ergonomically, as far as I'm concerned.
Maybe they fit very large hands, I don't know. ;D

I no longer have any Glaciers in my possession to do a comparison, but I do seem to remember they have quite deep, long vertical chunks in them.
British & Irish Glass / Re: More Webb 'bullseye' for show.
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 05:12:11 PM »
Now, we know that "Evergreen" isn't always Uranium.
British & Irish Glass / Re: More Webb 'bullseye' for show.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 05:02:23 PM »
Think you maybe right, tried the distance test next to a piece that really does glow !  ;D
That is good to know, thank-you.
British & Irish Glass / Re: More Webb 'bullseye' for show.
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 02:48:14 PM »
Not really. I suspect manganese decolourant in a high density, not Uranium.
This glimmers rather than glows.
Try the 6 feet test.
If it glows when the light source is six feet away, it's uranium.
(Although I did have a Murano pink, blue and clear swan that still glimmered faintly from 6 feet.)
Glass / Re: Help ID'ing this powder jar
« Last post by Flex1968 on Yesterday at 02:45:42 PM »
Just an addendum:

Accidentally ran up on a similar item in Kovel's online guide, where they refer to it as a "Dresser Box"
(Their item is cranberry glass, flat glass top, and four-footed, but still quite similar to the one I have)
Glass / Beautiful Opaline VAse with CAMEO | Handpainted | 24Ct Gold
« Last post by antonizz on Yesterday at 02:25:06 PM »
Hello everybody,

I have been buying opaline glass for a while now.
More on a monthly basiss than on a weekly basis.
Whenever I get the chance to buy a piece for cheap,
and I like it ofcourse, I'll try to get it.

Unfortunately I'm having a very low budget, but I'm glad I could get my hands on this one.

Could anybody help me date this one?


-Opaline Glass
-Nice Cameo (probably glass paste)
-Background of the cameo is painted, where often its black onyx or something.
-Beautiful floral decorations, highlighted with gold.
-Black line on the base.
-Handblown (forgot to photograph the pontilmark, and I'm very lazy today :p )

I have a couple of pieces, often with a cut rim. This one, has just a very nice shape,
and could be French, where my other vases mostly Bohemian.

Thank you very much!
I spent some time the past couple of days doing online searches with every combination of 'descriptor' for your tumbler that I could think to luck.
As nice as the tumbler is, it definitely deserves attribution, but such will likely need to come from someone who has a bit of a clue for starting point (unlike me!)

With the mark, hopefully you will eventually be able to discover who produced these. Good luck!
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