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Glass / Re: Blue cloud glass bubble bowl help please.
« Last post by Anne on Yesterday at 09:39:06 PM »
Chris, your blue bowl looks very like my blue bowl/jug set here,33941.msg295319.html#msg295319 which Nigel Benson and Stephen Pollock-Hill both reckoned to be Nazeing. Stephen said they have examples of mine with the Elwell label in the Nazeing Glass museum. Hope that helps. :)
Bohemian and probably Harrach from the flowers IMO
Glass / Large Victorian uranium glass flower vase for show and thought's.
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 07:32:52 PM »
I think very tricky to identify a maker but i thought good enough to show even with a little damage. Uranium body and a big 9 inches in height with a width of 8 inches.

Crazy design.

The pattern is repeated on the back.

Regards Chris.
Glass / Re: Blue cloud glass bubble bowl help please.
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 06:50:44 PM »
Looks like a rare book, thanks for the help.
Glass / Re: Blue cloud glass bubble bowl help please.
« Last post by KevinH on Yesterday at 06:05:01 PM »
The shape does look to be same as a Nazeing Stepped Dsh shown in Timberlake, page 48, plate 24, right hand side. Noted as being "post war version with foot, code 81/1" (size not stated).
Glass / Re: Who is Felix White?
« Last post by luttonlodge on Yesterday at 05:42:48 PM »
Yes I am very interested.
All I know is that your grandfather taught in Bury St Edmunds some years ago and may have commercially engraved glass. I do not know if he continued teaching and at what school.
I know little else. I bought these four Glasses with your grandfathers signature on them.
They are signed on the base with his initials on the glass itself.
Any further information you can give to me I would greatly appreciate. Also if you know of any books/ magazines etc regarding his work, I would be pleased  to hear.
Kind regards
Glass / Blue cloud glass bubble bowl help please.
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 05:18:26 PM »
Is this a piece of Nazeing?, i'm rubbish with bubbles and swirls, not a colour i have seen before and the same as the pictures.

7 1/2 inches in diameter.

Any thought's welcome, regards Chris.
Pic's of the carafe and what i think maybe a French perfume about 1890 ish.

The carafe is 7 inches in height and the bottle 3 inches in height.
No reason to doubt Paul, if opaline glass is never cased like he says, then it isn't, so you already had your answer there ... but that info wasn't mentioned until your second batch of images and not visible, nor mentioned,  in the first set.
Glass / Re: Who is Felix White?
« Last post by Ann Gretchen on Yesterday at 04:54:26 PM »
I recently bought four glasses with engraved scenes of birds on them.
Each glass had the initials of FEW on them and the name Felix White on the base.
Ininially I thought he scenes were created using shot blasting, but when I reached home and used the glass I could see they where engraved with a diamond point, using the line technic.
The blanks I believe are relatively modern.
I have tried searching on line but unless he is a singer, I have had no luck
Could anyone tell me more about Felix White?

Felix White was my grandfather. What would you like to know and is it still of interest?
Best wishes
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