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Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Blue Rooster Label on Murano Bird.
« Last post by Jay on Today at 08:13:32 AM »
You prompted me to make a second scan of the MuranoZoo, but I don't see anything helpful. No examples with this foot, and not really anything notable as being with the same techniques.
What I DID notice in the zoo was the label Segus VDA label which features a white bar!! This DOES look like a link between the two!
I've asked several times why the label (on mine) has a white bar that seems to be there for some handwritten text (number), and it looks like Seguso also did this! (briefly).
Perhaps it was their idea to combine the makers label and the stock-number?!
Glass / Re: ABP or European Cut Glass Bowl
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 08:06:30 AM »
Hi - nice piece of cut glass, though regret I'm unable to confirm ABP.                     In view of the main date period of c. 1870 - 1910 for American Brilliant, then my only worthwhile suggestion would be that if your glass is without commensurate wear, both outside and inside, then you are more likely to be looking at modern Czechoslovakian production.            These saw-tooth rims are so prone to damage that it would be unusual for a period piece to have escaped damage entirely.

The ABP cut patterns/designs can seem almost endless, and something I didn't know is that during the time of its manufacture it was called simply 'rich cut glass', and not 'ABP', which seems to have been a later C20 name. 
Not sure about the comment  'fluorescent green'  -  this is usually an appearance that is found only where there is some uranium content  -  on the other hand much clear glass will show a weak dull green response under uv due to the manganese content, which is added to the batch as a decolourizer.             Could be memory failing me, but don't think I've ever heard of clear glass fluorescing.

Hopefully someone here will have more positive information for you.

P.S.     Do you know to what extent, if any, there has been reproduction of ABP patterns, in say the last 40 to 50 years.         When something is successful, the copyists tend to come out of the woodwork - and certainly some genuine period ABP pieces do fetch big bucks.
Glass / Re: Help Required Studio Glass Bowl Signature
« Last post by ahremck on Today at 07:45:43 AM »
Lithuanian - I explained on Facebook how I know.

Glass / Re: Murano Cranberry Vase
« Last post by ahremck on Today at 07:44:17 AM »
Couple more possible mmakes.  Rossi Glass in Canada made nice items in colour close to this.  The other possible is Japan who are often mistaken for Murano.  Typically the have a groundout pontil mark (usually polished, however).

I think you could find lots of identical ones in red glass.  Blue was less common.+

Could not find anything similar in - tried Michael Banf & Per Lutken including liness without names - no sign at all.

Glass / Help Required Studio Glass Bowl Signature
« Last post by Nick Toldi on Today at 06:21:06 AM »
Hi Everyone,

My name is Nick and just wanted to introduce myself to the glass message board.

Can anyone please let me know who produced this glass bowl and who the glass artist signature is

Any help would be much apprecaited.

All the best.

Regards Nick
Glass Animals & Figurines / Re: Blue Rooster Label on Murano Bird.
« Last post by catshome on Today at 05:09:23 AM »
Hello Jay.  He's very handsome.  Can't help with the label, but Have you had a trawl through the amazing Murano Zoo?

I can see some similarity with the tail feathers on my recently idententified Seguso piece, on the thread "Murano gold bird", so maybe start with the five pages of Seguso birds.

Look forward to seeing what you find out.
Thank you for the offer, Anne.  I do think the range and quality of these items is growing very fast as techniques develop since the original fused mosaic ashtrays started appearing, and I suspect we will see more of it appearing on the board.  However, I need to stay focused on the big clear for now at least.  I will add to this thread if I find any new names and, hopefully, others will too.
Glass / ABP or European Cut Glass Bowl
« Last post by Ayesha1938 on Today at 04:53:04 AM »
8 1/2" Diameter, 3 1/4" H, 1/2" thick glass, wgt. 3 lbs.

Passed the black light test (fluorescent green); bright sparkle when held up to light; lovely ring when pinged; sharp to the touch on outside.

Searched online and in ABP reference books; unable to find exact pattern. Any direction or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, in advance, for info sent.

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