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Glass / Re: Large Heavy Czech / Bohemian glass vase???
« Last post by rocco on Today at 06:52:50 AM »
I think Karlovarske Sklo >> Link

British & Irish Glass / Re: Heron Glass of England help please
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Today at 06:23:49 AM »
It's extremely unlikely that it is a fake, they just don't have enough value for it to be worthwhile. It may be that the retailer that imported them to the US asked that they be marked. Please post a picture
Could be a Malayan tapir? Snout doesn't look that long though...

Thanks for your comment Ross. It's absolutely stunning. Will try and post some more pictures later. I've sent some pictures to a few auction houses. Hopefully they'll be able to help with attribution. Will post if and when I hear back.
Glass / Re: Georgian? eternal bow marriage glass? help please.
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Today at 06:13:33 AM »
Its seems a little small and overdecorated for a tea caddy mixing bowl. It also seems unlikely that it would have a foot for fitting in a box. The water staining is probably because it's been used as a vase, as it's nothing to do with mixing tea; that was the mixing of dry leaves. I think it's a drinking glass
I know we are dealing with an engraver's interpretation & to me it resembles both a Sumatran orangutan (ape, no tail not a monkey) & a Sumatran rhino whose appearance differs from what most consider a traditional rhino.
Glass / Re: Red round vase Swedish?
« Last post by Anne on Today at 02:56:24 AM »
Later than that here - 2008/9 - see - they sold cheaper items but did get some better stuff in too. Middle of the road rather than posh! :)
Glass / Re: Red round vase Swedish?
« Last post by sayitslowly on Today at 02:44:38 AM »
Hi Anne, Yes I agree I believe it looks like the same line of vases. Woolworth's went out of business here in the US back some 18 years ago or so. I assume that in the UK it was the same type of low cost general items store as it was here.
Can't help with attribution - just want to say what a spectacular find it is.

Glass / Re: Red round vase Swedish?
« Last post by Anne on Today at 02:19:21 AM »
It looks very much like two I have here, and which are discussed in this topic:,17315.0.html - like you I thought of Scandi, and of Ronald Stennett-Willson (UK), but when I did find a labelled one it simply said Imported for Woolworths, without a maker or country of origin. I think they are rather nice!
British & Irish Glass / Re: Heron Glass of England help please
« Last post by Anne on Today at 02:11:11 AM »
Hello and welcome to the board. We have a few topics here on Heron Glass (the Search function in the top menu will find them if you just put Heron into the search box), but to get you started here is one:,26308.0.html - one of the replies is by the daughter of Heron Glass's founder. Heron started in the early 1990s in Cumbria, England, and closed down a few years ago. Several of us have a few of their items. I've not seen one with an acid stamp but anything is possible and others may have seen them too.
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