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Glass / Re: Konstglas sculpture CJ Engberg 1966
« Last post by todbo on Today at 01:58:43 AM »
the signature
Glass / Re: Konstglas sculpture CJ Engberg 1966
« Last post by todbo on Today at 01:28:16 AM »
Here's the bottom.
Glass / Re: Pink glass vase with thin metal rim and strapping ID please.
« Last post by createdbear on Yesterday at 10:41:17 PM »
Hello Chopin. Yes, Phoenician glass...I Googled and found several pieces. So, I got the Stanley knife out and set to work...luckily, the metal cam off quite easily. I quite expected to find damage but there isn't any. It is perfect. Quite why someone would go to all that trouble of adding the metal work, I don't know...maybe they were an art or design or metal work student and decided to have a play around. All I need now is someone to xome out with "your vase is by Mr Art Glass (see what I did there lol) and he was based in New York and his work fetches zillions of dollars but...the metal work has to be intact!!! Thanks everyone for your help.
Glass / Re: Konstglas sculpture CJ Engberg 1966
« Last post by catshome on Yesterday at 10:16:57 PM »
I think it's a very unusual piece and, at 10", quite striking.  Nothing in my books so far  for Engberg, is it definitely CJ? The 66 is probably the model Number.  If it was enberg it would translate as "a mountain", which would be an apt name for the piece.
Glass / Re: Konstglas sculpture CJ Engberg 1966
« Last post by todbo on Yesterday at 08:51:00 PM »
I figured that this would be a pretty common item, so I didn't give enough information.  The sculpture is solid glass (six pieces cemented together), quite heavy (6.6 pounds on my bathroom scale). It stands 10 inches tall and is 7 inches at the widest. I'm not being allowed to upload a 113k image...
Glass Paperweights / Re: Sulphide id please
« Last post by The Glass Staircase on Yesterday at 07:42:03 PM »
Possibly Sir Walter Scott? There's a similar one on eBay attributed to Clichy
Glass Events / USA - New Glass Now exhibition - Corning Museum of Glass
« Last post by Anne on Yesterday at 07:22:24 PM »
EXHIBITION  -  Breakout Efforts at the Corning Museum of Glass

New Glass Now will showcase the extraordinary potential of the familiar, but always surprising material in artworks made in the last three years by one hundred artists from twenty-five countries around the world.  New Glass Now is on view at the Corning Museum of Glass from May 12, 2019 through January 5, 2020.
Glass News / Elinor Portnoy’s experiments in glass
« Last post by Anne on Yesterday at 07:16:29 PM »
DESIGN  -   Elinor Portnoy’s experiments in glass
By KATHERINE LANZA | November 7, 2017
Glass News / Re: "Blown Away"
« Last post by Carolyn Preston on Yesterday at 03:37:57 PM »
I also watched it. Was glad to get the info they did provide. Didn't agree with the final winner, but it was a personality thing, not a skill  thing.

Murano & Italy Glass / Re: huge piece of Italian art glass
« Last post by jonspencer on Yesterday at 02:58:26 PM »
certamente  ;D
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