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Murano & Italy Glass / Re: Seguso Penguin
« Last post by SveziaJonas on Yesterday at 09:56:21 PM »
Hello Nev,
I have had a couple of these animals with this color and base. Normaly the have a generic squared blue rooster label or a red round generic one.  I don’t have them anymore but they were all generic.
The label on the one you shows in the link looks like an other generic one.

Kind regards
France / Re: Plafonnier marked C.S.R
« Last post by chilternhills on Yesterday at 05:36:42 PM »
The C.S.R mark is not in Hartmann's Glasmarken Lexicon either. Yes, I took the plunge and bought the book. Expensive, but worth it.
There is a legend according to which the spirit of Picasso fueled the fire in the Škrdlovice ovens.
On certain days its designers, in ecstasy, made chandeliers to spread that divine light.

Existe una leyenda según la cual el espíritu de Picasso alimentaba el fuego de los hornos de Škrdlovice.
Ciertos días sus diseñadores, en éxtasis, fabricaban candelabros para difundir esa luz divina.
Glass / Fine Etched Acorns Glasses I have no idea....can you help please
« Last post by collector on Yesterday at 04:10:43 PM »

I wonder if anyone can help me.  I have no history and no idea about these glasses.  I will tell you what I see and also I have attached some photos to help.  They are very thin glass with a small polished pontil.  Very thin stem which is plain with no collar and goes straight into the bowl.  This is beautifully etched in very fine detail with acorns in cups and oak leaves, also has fine detailing on the branches and this pattern is continuous around the bowl.  Just below the top rim with a ring of tiny etched dots and 2 very fine rings.  I cannot tell you how fine the etching is but hope you can get an idea from the photos.

Can anyone throw any light on age, maker or engraver??

Any help greatly appreciated.  Thanks Jenny
Glass / Re: Your favourite glass -discussion topic - please join :)
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 03:21:01 PM »
I'm really interested in this thread, but it's too difficult and wide a question for me to be able to come up with anything specific.
I am fascinated by the interactions of heat, glass and silver.
I nearly managed to have a conversation with a glassmaker who concentrated on that once, but I got dragged away.
But this does have a lot in common with what M is talking about - when the makers made their own colours, often with really dangerous chemicals and the attendant lack of safety elves.
Thanks for the thoughts.

The glasses are surprisingly stable with the flat polished base, although you're right they look a little iffy.

Sorry the pictures aren't clearer, definitely glue chip.

I had the same initial feeling, looked more Scandinavian or Danish in form.  Just couldn't find any companies doing glue chip from those areas, I'll keep looking.

Again thanks,  off to brine my turkey for two, argh!
Glass / Re: Your favourite glass -discussion topic - please join :)
« Last post by flying free on November 25, 2020, 10:41:20 PM »
Thank you for the detailed and interesting information :)

I think that's one of the reasons why the area of my greatest interest is early 1800s Bohemian glass (and some French).  The way the houses were all developing their own colours etc. I find it so fascinating. That and the fact that because of the restrictions and because they are two hundred years old now, we are never going to come across that glass again.
Having said that I also collect 1930s glass (multicoloured, intercalaire layered glass etc) and  am really interested in studio glass from the 60s onwards.  So a bit of a spread.  But it's interesting the comparative difficulty in producing colours and effects now to then, because of a restriction on materials use.

The board is quiet at the moment but hopefully someone will be along to help.

Are the glasses stable?  They look to have quite a slim stem and look as though they might be knocked over quite easily?

The shape of the glasses always makes me think of Belgian or Dutch glass first.  I have no basis for that observation at all btw, just where I would be looking if it were me for some reason. 

Is it glue chip? or is it a mold blown decor?  I can't tell.  What do you think?
Murano & Italy Glass / Re: Seguso Penguin
« Last post by KevinH on November 25, 2020, 10:01:55 PM »
I like your version of the word best.  ;D

If you provide links, then there is no copyright problem because the photos and text are all in original context outside of the GMB. It's only a problemif photos or text are lifted (by copying) and added to the GMB.
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