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Glass / Toothpick Holder Identification
« Last post by JudyK on Today at 02:57:22 AM »
Can anyone provide information on this toothpick holder?  It is a lovely amber color with a lot of opalescence.  The white enamel decoration is quite heavy, even though the pattern is quite detailed and delicate.  Someone suggested that it might be Salviati.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Germany / Date Josephinenhutte adopted "JH" Crown Mark?
« Last post by KatW on Today at 02:03:36 AM »
Hello - I believe Josephinenhutte was really made in Poland - I apologize if this is the wrong category.

I have several beautiful pieces from the Josephinenhutte/Josair series "Josephine" which I have today learned was designed by Sigfried Haertel around 1905. The examples that I was able to find online today (all very antique) do not seem to have a maker's mark on them - and the parties selling the items reference the work of Stefania Zelasko at The Karkonosze Museum to support that their Josephine items are authentic.

My glasses have the "JH" inside a shield below a crown sandblasted mark - and I am wondering if anyone knows when Josephinenhutte adopted the mark? I am trying to date my set as close as I can - and have come across some confusion as some online sources say Josephine was discontinued in 1958 while others say 1981.

Any and all help appreciated!
Thanks so much -
Glass Paperweights / Re: poss Clichy signature cane - prob not
« Last post by alpha on Today at 01:30:43 AM »
Looks like the PW was safely returned?
Glass / Re: Glass Clown
« Last post by platypus on Today at 12:24:00 AM »
its the same as this clown here on ebay
mine has spiky sharp points to hair and the lower lip has run to look like a tong it came from Europe in the 70s brought from Glasgow Scotland by relation as gift
The problem is, finding examples with insects's a shame there isn't a depiction of a bee pollinating one of the flowers on this vase !

I  think the crackling on your enamelling might be due to added layers of enamel where shading was required, increasing the thickness and also the possibility of  shrinkage... but this is only my thought.

I will carry on searching  ! Might pop-in in a few months time !

 You have done so well in your research and it's such a great topic ! 

Ta , Mike.
Just a follow up. Finally found this in a recent book acquisition. It's on page 79, plate 61 in Glass Paperweights of the New York Historical Society. Attributed to, (as Alan guessed), St Louis.
Murano & Italy Glass / I dont think this label is Seguso?
« Last post by ardy on Yesterday at 11:31:55 PM »
What do you think? I had a quick look and thought this is slightly different to A.S. labels I have seen before and the glass doesn't look like A.S. either.
Thanks :) I couldn't get a direct link to put on here either unfortunately.
I've had another look at the enamelling and I don't think it's a match in terms of artist.  The enamelling has many similarities with other Harrach pieces I've seen though although I don't know who decorated them either.  My feelings are that if the glass were mine, I'd be searching Harrach as the maker.
Glass / Re: Help with this Feathered Vase Maker
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 09:47:10 PM »
I bet that comes to life in sunlight.
Glass / Re: ID help on enameled bird lamps
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 09:43:27 PM »
Would they have static gas lamp vases?, must be rare a surviving pair, the new bulb mounts with the pull cords i'm sure you can still buy these new, what is on the very top of the brass fitting out of picture shot?
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