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Glass / Re: Green/blue vase, identification.
« Last post by ahremck on Today at 10:19:39 AM »
My speciality is basically Australian Glass.  I do agree with you probably Czech.  Hopefully one of the experts in that area can confirm or deny that.

Glass / Re: Green/blue vase, identification.
« Last post by Bottlecollector on Today at 10:06:53 AM »
Hi Ross, thanks for your answer. Of course, to little information from my side.
Two more pictures attached, bottom (no marks, etchings, etc.) and rim. Clear
to see the oval, lens-shaped diameter, no triangle. Two small, wing like stripes
on the sides.

Thought you guys here are so much into the glass theme, it's just a quick overall
peek for you to, to instantly identify manufacture, model and maker! :)

Best Martin
Very nice piece!
Mexican quartz glass is another possibility.  They use panel cutting to high standards. But I must admit, I have never seen any with inclusions.
Glass / Re: Can someone identify the name please
« Last post by brewster on Today at 05:29:57 AM » doesn't look like any Phoenician signature in my "signature collection" and I have never seen "Phoenician Glass" - always "Phoenician Malta"...

See the third and fourth items on the website below. The signature in both cases is "Phoenician Glass Malta" - and the first of these also has a sticker saying "Phoenician Glass".

I make no judgement on the appearance of the query item, nor whether its signing is within the variation expected - I just don't know the subject.

Glass / Re: Green/blue vase, identification.
« Last post by ahremck on Today at 03:27:48 AM »
Martin when you put up glass for identification you need, in most cases, to provide three or four different shots.

1.  A Normal View - you have provided that.
2.  A clear shot of the base - this helps eliminate places it is unlikely to have come from most times.
3.  A shot of the rim.
4.   If there is a making of any type on or near the base a clearly focussed shot of that.

Does the vase have two clear "wings"?  Is it actually triangular?  One shot is not enough to tell.

I actually agree it looks Czech at first glance.

Glass / Re: possible whitefriars ?
« Last post by ahremck on Today at 03:17:05 AM »
Tim Whitefriars in the Glacier design seems to have a plain top for 5-7mms before the basic design begins lower on the piece.

Just to add a signed piece by Patrick.

Glass / Green/blue vase, identification.
« Last post by Bottlecollector on Yesterday at 11:09:36 PM »
Dear forum members,
help is appreciated for the identification of this heavy green/blue vase.
Somehow Sommerso style, my best guess goes to Czech or Bohemian
manufactures, but not sure at all.
Many thanks in advance, Martin
Well, handling it and examining it (with untrained eyes) under a desk lamp for several minutes, I think that it is probably an emerald of some sort and that it would make a nice murder weapon. The flecks don't sparkle and there are many parallel 'grinding' lines within the emerald. And what about these bubbles? What would a glasserometrist have to say about those?
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