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Glass / MOVED: who recognize this signature
« Last post by Anne on Today at 04:26:27 AM »
Glass / Re: ID help: 4 leaf clover pontil mark #2 - vase
« Last post by Mosquito on Yesterday at 11:44:15 PM »
No idea about the other bowl I'm afraid. I wouldn't be surprised if the two items are from the different makers.

I suggested Adrian Sankey for this piece based on the shape, the pulled loop design, and the way the decoration stops at the neck. I had a very similar vase by him only in clear with white loops. I don't know how the pontil mark was finished though as my vase had a label over the mark.

Edited to add:
Here's another Adrian Sankey vase clearly showing a four-point pontil scar,39369
Glass Paperweights / Possible Royal Brierley paperweight ?
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 11:33:02 PM »
From a reliable elderly lady, distant cousin, who said she bought it from the RB'y gift shop in the 1960s, 3.5 inches tall, no marks, opinions please, ;D ;D
Glass Paperweights / Modern weight for id please.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 11:30:07 PM »
5.25 inches tall, flat base, little wear, looks a bit Caithness like, any ideas ?  ;D
Glass / Re: ID help: 4 leaf clover pontil mark #1 - bowl
« Last post by brewster on Yesterday at 11:23:45 PM »
Although these two items are in separate threads (as usually is best), it is their common feature that is mostly of interest. I'll put a link to the other item here, so the connection does not get lost.

Is there anything in the time and place of finding these items that might suggest a common origin, or is it simply that you've noticed the same feature in items collected at different times and places?

Glass / Re: Black glass bottle flask I'd please?
« Last post by bat20 on Yesterday at 08:42:06 PM »
Here's one of the base
Glass / Black glass bottle flask I'd please?
« Last post by bat20 on Yesterday at 08:39:04 PM »
Hi all,this bottle is driving me nuts!,I've been all over the bottle sites without much luck so I thought I'd try here just in case somebody might have come across something similar in their glassey lives.The bottle is 7.5" ht and has two seams,the top has an applied finish,but i think later than a string type?.There are large air bubbles here and there with good wear to the base and a bit on the sides where it may have been laid on it's side.I can't really think of much else in way of a description as I'm not a bottle collector and hopefully the photos will fill in the gaps.thanks for looking.
Far East (excluding China) / Re: who recognize this signature
« Last post by Timeobject on Yesterday at 08:22:17 PM »
Thanks so much.
Malta Glass / Re: Mdina fish vase signature
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 07:25:25 PM »
Joseph Said got very, very good at working glass very, very quickly - he's got an affinity with it.
I'm well aware that the shape is likely Said's, I'd never have mistaken it for a Harris piece and it lacks the finesse of Boffo.

I'm just saying that lots of different people at the factory scratched the Said and Dobson "signatures".
Not neccessarily Said or Dobson themselves, which is why any analysis of writing is pointless.
The other workers were trying to emulate the scrawls.

The mark really doesn't signify anything beyond giving the date, made at Mdina and considered an important enough art piece that it should look as if it was signed by an artist.

These pieces with more marks on the base, (a date and a scrawl) tend to be Fish vase, cubes, the great big two-tone strapped bottles and cut-ice Lollipops.

Glass / Re: ID help: 4 leaf clover pontil mark #1 - bowl
« Last post by misha on Yesterday at 06:49:05 PM »
Yes, both are definitely snapped off and not impressed marks, Trevor.
The small green/purple vase has a larger diameter pontil scar than the heavier bowl. 

Aside of an ebay listing some time ago, your blog is the only other example I can recall showing this type of pontil scar. You have suspected Rob Knottenbelt work, more so due to decoration and style though. Perhaps someone working with him at the time, and maybe used to distinguish who produced what piece in those trailed silver chloride examples?
I do recall discussion on GMB mentioning pontil preparation along these lines though. Can't find it using site search.

Easy enough to do I suppose, impress cross mark into a pointed form pontil gather prior to attachment, but I can't see a lot of advantage in doing this type of pontil attachment other than for large heavy pieces, perhaps providing additional support during forming over larger area.
I'd imagine riskier snap off procedure though, having it crack across all points evenly when shock applied to the rod on one side. Perhaps why the larger vase required grinding off a residual bur at two of the points.

Any idea which school of training used this pontil prep technique, folks?
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