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Glass / Re: Mdina bottle show and tell
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Today at 10:08:24 AM »
It is an absolutely stunning thing - what a desperate shame about the loss of the top.

However, there was an ordinary ;) tricorn bottle doing the rounds, minus its top part - cut off and polished just like this - it's image is even used as an illustration in many books. Sometimes it was described as an obelisk.

I would agree, it would have had to be towards the end of Mr. Harris' time at Mdina - in order for his skills to have developed and improved enough to produce this beauty.

"Seaweed" according to my (and I think Suzy's) "definition" is the teal blue strapping that is encased/surrounded by the yellow silver effect along with lovely golden bubbles - like bladderwrack, so yes, it is in the lollipops, but they have amethyst strapping inside too, so not pure what I would call "Seaweed". ;)

I don't think it looks amateurish at all. In fact I would rate it as a better piece than the fish which does nothing for me whatsoever.

We all have our own opinions and tastes. As I said before the market will decide.

Glass Market Place / Re: Antiques store with some glass
« Last post by Bonsaismurf on Today at 09:09:17 AM »
Thanks Anik!

It's more like these, John:
Not those particular ones but deep engraved in clear glass. I might be able to get photos of them later today.

Best regards
I agree that this is possibly Mdina (but plenty others did similar colours) but its nothing like any Boffo I have ever seen. I have been collecting Boffo aniamls etc (and have several fish) for many years and the techniques to produce this whale are not what I would expect to see. The way the mouth, fins, tail and eyes are formed simply do not look like Boffo. To my eye this is amateurish and nothing that could have come from Boffo's skilled hand.
You are correct  of course Christine thought it was unusual because the fins are clear all the green is the core I can that holding it up to the outside window.
Glass / Re: Mdina bottle show and tell
« Last post by glassobsessed on Today at 08:50:06 AM »
The attenuated bottle.
Glass / Mdina bottle show and tell
« Last post by glassobsessed on Today at 08:48:17 AM »
Sadly this is not mine but while I have it here I have snapped a few photos.

Date of manufacture will probably be towards the end of Michael Harris' tenure at Mdina, my guess is 1971 or 72. Most early bottles found are triangular in shape - the Tricorn bottles, this one is round. At some point it has lost the top few inches. This is the first bottle that I have seen with this type of pattern for which Sue and Suzy coined the term Seaweed.

Variations of this Seaweed pattern crop up in fish vases, Verdala bowls, Bell vases and now in a bottle. The glass is thick throughout (even the attenuated neck) and it is very heavy. Flat polished base, amethyst cased,  it is now 38 cm tall.

Because of that thickness of the glass and depth of colour it is difficult to capture a good likeness with the camera but back-lighting helps.

First some other Seaweed bits.

Glass Paperweights / Re: More Info on Selkirk Weights
« Last post by SophieB on Today at 08:43:54 AM »

Now that Kevin has split this thread I can reply (Kevin - many thanks for doing this):

Wuff - It is the first time I hear (let alone see) this LE of an engraved angel fish or of the dragonfly the legend refers to. Darn! Two more weights to add to my Selkirk wish list...

Christine - Not to worry, I'll get hold of Ebony some day. In the meantime, I browse your lovely site longingly ;)

This area is particularly for research into known British & Irish glass, so anything yet unidentified should really go into the general Glass section. Best to wait for a Mod to move this posting, rather than re-post.

Welcome to the GMB and all its foibles!  ;)
I agree looks to be the same hand, the attributions to Boffo have always required a small leap of faith for me (I may well have missed some of the chain of provenance) but there is a logic to the argument - including some distinctly Whitefriars like shapes etc. Maybe when the auction is finished a new thread bringing all the various items together with an overview would be useful.

That whale is flying away, must have hidden powers. :D

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