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Glass / Re: Identifying two Kosta Boda signed glass bowls
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 02:45:08 PM »
Thanks for your efforts with the resizing and posting directly to the board, it is very much appreciated. :)
We do like bottoms here, bottoms are absolutely essential, but would it be possible to see the sticks themselves too, pretty please?

You can post up to 4 images in each message, just click on the little bit underneath the attaching box saying "more attachments" and another box will appear.
Welcome to the board. :)
Those are beautiful and very much like mine! Never heard the term Twit Twoo, it just means owl I think? Here is another gorgeous one.
Here is a link to the stripy one that Sue was mentioning:

VERY like yours.... isn't it? :)
Apologies, I forgot to leave a link to the owl I had found with similarities to yours Kerrie787

It would be great to find an oval one, wouldn't it? :)

Try putting "Caithness Twit Twoo" in an image search engine. You'll find the Beatles.

I've just gone through my Caithness paperweight and gift catalogue from 2012, there are 4 striped owls there, which are of a very similar design, developed by Sarah Paterson
But you've already got Helen's word for it and you won't get better than that. :)
I didn't know she was one of the designers,  that is so cool! How amazing that I was able to get someone from Caithness to see it. Sometimes I love the internet :)

Thank you for letting me know, and the tip about the factory store.
British & Irish Glass / Royal Brierley art glass for show.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 12:21:03 PM »
Not Studio for a change !  :o 4 inches tall, label to the base  ;D ;D
Very nice thank you.
No, much earlier, late 19th/early 20th C
If it isn't signed, it may have been sold in the factory shop. Helen MacDonald who told you it was Caithness is one of their designers and has been since 1974, so she should know.
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