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Glass / Re: Help please with Mdina Chalice signature........
« Last post by Patrick on Today at 11:22:22 AM »
Thank you all for your comments........

 It appears to be very hard to decipher some of these signatures because those of Eric Dobson are not consistent.

 I am going to try and find a website of handwriting experts who might be able to read the signature. I am not going to tell them what it might be because by doing that, they might be influenced.

 It is hard to say for sure if there is an exclamation mark but there is certainly a squiggle..........

Thanks again,

Glass Paperweights / Unknown floral paperweight, snapped pontil
« Last post by WhatHo! on Today at 11:13:44 AM »
Hi Guys, can anybody help me with this paperweight please.
Its 2 3/4" across and 1 3/4" tall. It has a snapped pontil with a good amount of natural wear to the base.
The dome has some very slight raises that can be felt, like it hasn't been completely smooth off.
There 4 flowers and 6 leafs which are made of paperweight type canes, also around these canes there are striation in the glass.
Any help most appreciated, regards Wolfie
Added: also the glass looks a bit yellowy in the pic but its clear, just the poor light it was taken in.
Glass / Re: ID help on a Josef Hoffmann Style Vase
« Last post by kjennings12 on Today at 10:59:57 AM »
I received a reply back from Moser and they said it was not one of theirs...
Glass / Re: Curious piece of glass.
« Last post by fontanazul on Today at 10:49:26 AM »
Thanks Rosie.
I thought in my introduction, enunciated the solution.  :P
(thanks for putting accurate information).
Hi Wuff
Thanks for your very pertinent comments - at least it is only a two horse race and this bowl is either Perthshire or Murano. The only thing I am thinking now is if it is Perthshire - why no P cane as they seemed to sign virtually everything the made after the early years
see my latest post above
and I ran out of time to add this -

Going back through the posts on this thread - this bowl (see link below) I believe was made by the same person as made my decanter.
In the Harrach book (From Neuwelt to the Whole World) on page 83, there appears to be a becher that matches the pink colour.  It is pink overlay on white overlay on clear (although in their description they did not mention that it was pink overlay on white over clear, they just said pink on clear which it is not).  It has various designs cut through to show the layers and also has a portrait medallion on it. Although it is not a cameo piece the colour I think, matches the pink bowl linked above, of which the design matches my decanter.

In the description of the becher it says:
'Beaker with embedded paste - portrait of W. Batka'
execution: c.1850
h. 13.6cm
West Bohemian Museum, Pizen, 11187
Colourless glass with opaque pink overlay glass, cut, with embedded porcelain paste.  Engraved on the bottom "Batka dedicav".

In the 1840s Wenzel Batka was one of the main suppliers of raw materials (chemicals) to the Neuwelt glassworks. '

I'm pretty sure that is a good match for the pink over white over clear bowl.
I know it's OT, but here's some non-newtonian fluid (also known as "custard") acting for your entertainment.
I had to go and look your place up.
A recent Bonhams Auction 13 December 2013
Lot 10 shows this becher with dog and vines.  It is dated 1866.
It is blue over clear only, not three layer, and attributed to Karl Pfohl.
In the description there is reference to the 'scroll work' and that one with 'closely related scrollwork' is in the Passauer attributed to Karl Pfohl.  The scrollwork looks like the work on my vase.
No three layer cameo pieces in the sale though despite 10 of these two layer pieces.

The description reads:
'A Bohemian cameo beaker attributed to Karl Pfohl, Steinschönau, dated 1866
Overlaid in cobalt blue, of campana shape on a spreading foot cut with ovals and trefoils, cut and engraved in shallow cameo with a dog standing on the forked branches of foliate scrollwork, a lens on the reverse engraved with the date 6/2/1866, 16.8cm high
A tall goblet with cameo work including closely related scrollwork attributed to Karl Pfohl, is in the Passauer Glasmuseum, illustrated by Georg Höltl, Das Böhmische Glas 1700-1950, vol.3 Historismus, p.68, fig.76. Other similar pieces have been attributed to Franz Zach, including a goblet in the Rinceaux Collection, Sotheby's 18 December 2001, lot 160

Another that is just interesting to look at - dated 1850-1860 and detailed cameo work
Intricate Stangenglas  Lot 11  11th Dec 2013, dated 1850-1860 and described as
'A Bohemian cameo glass stangenglas'
Red over clear matted background, quite an intricate design
Description of piece is as follows
'A Bohemian cameo glass stangenglas, circa 1850-60
The tall cylinder tapering slightly and raised on a panelled spreading foot, overlaid in deep ruby and cut, etched and engraved back to the clear frosted ground beneath, a group of carousing revellers seated among casks, vines and fruit festoons, surmounted by a further figure astride a barrel, a banner inscribed Gott erhalte uns junges Blut und alten Wein, the reverse with a viewing lens between tall vines, 33.5cm high

All 10 pieces are  Bohemian cameo glass and dated variously between 1850 and 1870.

Glass / Floating Candle Lamp
« Last post by Bernard C on Today at 04:24:38 AM »

Click either image to enlarge.

Height 17¾" (45cm), weight (including plaster of paris filler) 2lb 4½oz (1042g).

It looks very Silber & Fleming to me, so I checked their reprinted catalogue with no success.   I can't recall ever seeing anything like this before.

The image on the right is rather spoiled by my neighbour using the bathroom at the crucial moment.   I hadn't noticed until I started work on this topic.   I have floated a tea-light on water in the container, and added two tea-light lanterns, one behind my lamp to shine light through the flake cut to clear knop in the stem.   A close-up of the stem is available here, click the main image to enlarge.


Click either image to enlarge.

Searching the internet I found this example, height approximately 10" (25cm), bought in New England and being sold by friendly and helpful ebay seller wahoo-mercantile.   Note the very similar metalwork, probably by the same factory as mine, suggesting a significant international operation.   The experienced seller has suggested that oil is added to holders with a floating wick.    Please respect the seller's copyright of these images.   I sought and have permission to use them here only.

Enlightenment and relevant ideas welcomed.

Thanks for your interest,

Bernard C.  8)
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