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Glass / Re: Nazeing tumbler cloudy glass vase or other?
« Last post by essi on Yesterday at 07:52:15 PM »
Charles Hajdamach book 20th century british glass, it says that  in the thirties Nazeing had a small catalogue of seven pages.
 After the second world war art glass production was recorded in a set of working drawings.
Have you seen the black and white photos from the 1930s?
They did have a bubbly range from this time but it notes that the bubbles can be felt on the inside.
Hope this is of some help.
Glass / Aqua Crystal by Galos
« Last post by OCDan on Yesterday at 06:38:41 PM »
Does anyone have any information on this collection and who it's by?  Aqva Cristal by Galos I got it as a gift, it's a wine decanter and two glasses and they look like they are painted somehow.  I found a website that has the same collection listed but I can't find anything that looks like it on there. I've seen a couple things on eBay with the same tag but no luck with any information. I have one picture of it and it's not very good.  The website listed on the tag is gone. I would appreciate it if anybody could give me some help. I'm attaching a link to the website that has the updated collection and a picture.
Glass / Re: Is this Whitefriars?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 06:06:35 PM »
Thousands of tiny bubbles? That really helps. Not me, I'm afraid, but it will really help somebody who has a better idea and knowledge in whatever area this is from. I would not rule out Murano. (another area I avoid!)
Glass / Re: Vilniaus Stiklo Studija Vase signed by Who?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 06:02:32 PM »
I've tracked down the thread i started on the stuff I bought. Unfortunately, the pics are sort of vanished. They were on tinypic which went awol, then on photobucket which messes my pc up now. I don't have the originals, and I don't even have all the glass now. I've still got the cats and the "roots" vase, and a wonderful big red bowl.
A friend got the bubbly one. She loved it even more than I did. :),1088.0.html
Glass / Re: Is this Whitefriars?
« Last post by ElsieJ on Yesterday at 05:52:37 PM »
Hi, I will do the photos tomorrow in daylight. If itís any help the rim is rounded and smooth and the ďbitsĒ are thousands of tiny random bubbles. No inclusions. The surface of the glass is smooth though not lumpy.
Gentle  nudge . . . .
Glass / Re: Is this Whitefriars?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 05:15:08 PM »
 ;D Collectors do make mistakes. It's one of the ways we learn. Bitter experience!
But often mitigated by the finding of treasure.
Could you try to take another pic of the way the glass achieves the speckled effect - I can't work out how it was done from these fairly big images.
A plain white background  (paper, or a sheet) is very helpful.
Sometimes background stuff can get in the way of how we see things and can cause reflections which can also be confusing.
Glass isn't easy to photograph well and get it looking the way it does in reality - it's 3D. If you're the one taking the pic, you already know what it looks like, so you can see it properly in the image, your brain fills in all the correct details for you and ignores bits that don't fit.
We don't have that advantage. We see the bits that don't fit and can't work out if they're supposed to be there or not.  ;D

I assume the rim is rounded and smooth? Or is that cut and polished?

There are even different ways of polishing a rim - some are left just flat, others have tiny bevels on their edges, which is an indication of even better quality. Those are called arrises. I like that word, so you got both the story and the word.
Glass Paperweights / Re: Perthshire Paperweight with Ca in centre
« Last post by Nick77 on Yesterday at 04:54:22 PM »
Welcome to the board, your description doesn't sound familiar to me, we really need images to ID a weight, this thread,34093.0.htmlhas info and a link for resizing images to paste. Ideally top down, side and base views are best to help with positive ID's.

Glass / Re: Is this Whitefriars?
« Last post by ElsieJ on Yesterday at 04:37:10 PM »
Thanks for your reply Sue. I bought both pieces along with an Andries Copier Serica 70 crackle dish so Iím thinking itís from a collector. Iím glad you think itís ďgoodĒ I do too but itís driving me nuts trying to identify it.
Glass / Re: Is this Whitefriars?
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 04:14:54 PM »
I thought this was going to be the one you thought was Leerdam.  ;D
Loads of glass houses use round polished pontil marks to finish off a piece. Not just wfs. It's not a wfs shape or colourway.
But I do think it's something good.
I don't know what, my guts are rumbling towards Germany, but that might just be something I ate.
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