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Glass / Re: Murano? Two vases, blue /white glass, abstract flowers
« Last post by e39dinan on Yesterday at 08:37:39 PM »

Thank you all for your valuable feedback & finding the label in the registry. It is much appreciated. Would anyone be so kind as to suggest an asking price?

Thank you John Phillip. Any idea as to what direction I should be looking in? Thanks!
Glass / ID help please huge Holmegaard Gulvase (or look-a-like)
« Last post by vanmann on Yesterday at 07:09:34 PM »
Picked this up today, I am assuming that it can't really be Holmegaard.
My doubts really are the proportions as, to me, the neck looks a bit short and stumpy.
Sizes :- Overall height 50 cms
             Base diameter 20cms
             Rim diameter 14.5 cms
             Main body height 30 cms
             Neck Height 20 cms

As I often find things that I believe to be quality only to be shot down I would be extremely happy for someone to tell me that again I am wrong and this is actually genuine.
In the most likely event  that this is  a "wrong un" where would it be most likely to have originated?
As always all thoughts much appreciated.
Glass / Re: ID Help please dec?? fruit set part frosted and ribbed
« Last post by vanmann on Yesterday at 06:59:13 PM »
Thank you Pamela, that's a great help.
Thank you both so much for your information, are these fairly scarce, i ask because i cannot see much reference to them online.
thanks again

Here are images of a couple of German (probably Thuringian) paperweights, and the base of one of them.

Glass / Re: Erotic Stourbridge glass flask
« Last post by Bluerinse on Yesterday at 05:38:48 PM »
Here are two more photos thanks
Glass / Re: Erotic Stourbridge glass flask
« Last post by David E on Yesterday at 05:31:24 PM »
Welcome to the GMB.

If you could provide a good photo of the base it would help.
Yup I'd go with German,I've got one with the multi coloured base,same shape and the canes look very similar,mine 's got the green and yellow canes they used commonly,I love these type of weights and the bohemian ones which were a bit more naively made than the smarter ones they made,I think they have a lot of character and for that matter the early frit weights have a lot about them as well.
In view of your comments about the foot finish i.e. absence of shears mark or pontil depression, my opinion would be that yours is a C20 product.

If you look at the photo it does have a shear mark - I was trying to distinguish between a pontil mark and none at all.

At 49 you're positively youthful! Look at all the things I've forgotten (who are you by the way?)

Christine: I was joking...  :-[  :-*

As an English piece of glass, perhaps best left here?
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