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Glass / Re: Is this Murano or Modern vase?
« Last post by Ivo on Today at 05:35:25 PM »
With a bottom finish like that I'd vote for Chinese. The grade of polishing isn't to Italian standards, the colour is a bit too Chinese and the overall precision of Italian glass is lacking.
British & Irish Glass / MOVED: board info
« Last post by KevinH on Today at 05:00:44 PM »
Yes i see what you mean the prunt looks similar, the trailing looks hand done rather than machine.
Glass / Re: Victorian Pink creamer and sugar bowl or salt set help please.
« Last post by keith on Today at 03:47:02 PM »
Stuart might be another possible maker, page 52 care of Victorian Decorative Glass by Gulliver, ;D  very nice by the way, ;D
Find of the month i think, incredible these two have survived together, i'm wondering if there by Hodgetts Richardson and Son ?.

The creamer is 2 3/4 inches in height and the bowl or salt? maybe is 2 3/4 inches across the rim and 2 inches in height.
Glass / Re: Cut Green Overlay Goblet - Help with Age and Origin Please!
« Last post by tonyatl on Today at 01:52:16 PM »
the Harcourt goblet resembles but is distinctly different than the one presented by matw, especially in the foot. the former has a faceted and slightly lobed foot whereas matw's is round and has a starburst under foot. there are other subtle differences as well.

however, this catalog does allow me to redate the goblet to early 20th century. I had assumed late 19th century because of the 2 part construction of the bowl and stem, a practice which I thought was obsolete by the early 20th c. however, this example proves otherwise. so I would place it c. 1890-1910.

it doesn't look like the Harcourt line is cut to clear or overlay, but that does not mean that the glass cannot be baccarat. my main point is that the general form could be found from other makers as it was rather popular - especially the sliced cuts.
Glass / Fostoria style glass fruit bowl help please. ID = Jobling
« Last post by brucebanner on Today at 01:01:03 PM »
Hello there, i have been staring a cube glass for a while and i can not find this. There is something similar, a sugar bowl that the lister has attributed to  American Fostoria glass on google.

All the Fostoria glass i'm looking at seems very white, this glass has a yellow tint, it's not uranium glass.

It has some age so i'm guessing 1930's, there is wear to the base rim edge.

It's 8 1/2 inches across not including the handles and 4 1/4 inches in height.
Glass / Help to ID Large Glass Bird
« Last post by Birkyc on Today at 10:06:44 AM »

Can anyone give me some guidance to identify the origins of this bird figure please. I have tried for the last couple of months without success. It is 19cm Long x 15cm High, x 8cm Wide, and weighs 1.5kg. Any information would be much appreciated.
Hi there M

Thanks so much for your welcome

Yes he is beautiful

I will be patient and look forward to hearing from anyone

Thanks again

This specific green colour makes me think more of Baccarat...and the model 'Harcourt'...
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