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Glass / Re: Jobling Dancing girl or not ?
« Last post by johnfandmaryp on Today at 03:14:28 PM »
Many thanks for the information Angela and the work you've put into getting it ~ very interesting and helpful. The blue colour in my picture of the figure is stronger/brighter than it is in reality ~ the colour of the bowl is more accurate and similar to other pieces of Jobling which I've seen on the internet.
Any idea if the bowl is likely to be original to the frog and therefore by Jobling too?
Thanks again, John.
Curiously Anne I have just been reading up on these bottles in a book I recently purchased Czechoslovakian Perfume Bottle and Boudoir Accessories by Jacquelyne Y Jones-North. Apparently they are reproductions or copies of Czech designs made in Japan not meant to deceive but just copying a good design to make money. Irving W Rice of New York seem to have imported many of these they appear regularly on Ebay with the Made in Japan stamp and a IRICE paper label.
Glass / Re: Jobling Dancing girl or not ?
« Last post by Simba on Today at 02:34:17 PM »
Well just to add more confusion to this post I recently had a discussion on this topic in a facebook group with Sue from Black Poppy website and in the end our conclusion was this.........

Further investigation, thanks to Sue, has determined that this is by Jobling not Rosice as first thought...Differences to look out for are:
 Hairline - Rosice one appears to have a wave of hair on top of head which appears as a lump on some moulds.
 Dress - No straps on the Rosice one Jobling has faint straps more visible at the back.
 Waistline - Rosice one has a ruffled waist whilst the Jobling has a V shaped waist
 Base Rim - Rosice one is single rim base whilst the Jobling is double rim base.

Although I must say I am still not sure about the colour of mine being a Jobling colour blue it seems very strong colour compared to the more pastel Jobling colours ??
British & Irish Glass / Re: Is this a Wedgwood piece?
« Last post by rosieposie on Today at 02:26:33 PM »
Hi booklands, Your piece is the 'Bracelet Branch' by Wedgwood. Called 'Pesce' it was available in Clear and your colourway, 'Midnight'. 
The same design only smaller, About 3.5ins, called a 'Ring Swing'  was available in the same colourways and the same name, 'Pesce'.

This information is in Susan Tobin's book on Wedgwood Glass. 
Wouldn't the Caithness examples have a flat base (or at least a finished base)?
Glass Paperweights / Re: Faceted "Bohemian" opalescent paperweight
« Last post by w8happiness on Today at 01:02:31 PM »

with  the formula Na3[AlF6) and the Fluoride content,
it surely will have a strong UV reaction,

cheers Erhard
A nice find today, i'm pretty sure these are pattern 51 but there seems to be hardly any orange cloud glass.

They differ in height and shape, one is 7 1/4 inches in height , 3 7/8th inches across the rim and 3 1/4 inches across the base.

The other is 7 3/8th inches in height, 4 inches across the rim and 3 3/8th inches across the base, so i'm guessing there from different moulds.

Has anyone seen these before in this colour?.

regards Chris.
Glass Paperweights / Re: ID Crown Paperweight - Scottish - Strathearn?
« Last post by SophieB on Today at 09:50:48 AM »
Hi Allan,

I agree with Alan, it is a Paul Ysart crown. It could be from the Harland period (we know he made quite a lot then). However, Paul Ysart made crowns long before the Harland venture and the ones he made while at Caithness are not easily distinguishable from the Harland ones. I suspect that the only way to know for sure is to resort to a UV lamp.

It is a nice example with good PY colours.

Glass Paperweights / Re: Faceted "Bohemian" opalescent paperweight
« Last post by w8happiness on Today at 09:23:26 AM »
...yes you are right, Gablonz with artificial Stones,
but also the old Swarovski dynasty- still strong with artificial gemstones!
Also Riedel who is still making top wine glasses,
 but had good colour glass experience as well.

"Compositions-Brenner"- mostly used for the makers of ruby glass- went on with
the search for new colours, decolorants, purifiers
and strengthening/modifying materials, it was a profession for specialists!

 Kind regards E.
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