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Malta Glass / Re: Help please with Mdina Chalice signature........
« Last post by Patrick on Yesterday at 09:18:34 PM »
Hi John,
 Your suggestion to show the chalice to Ron Wheller sounds like a good idea.............. I will take it to the National Glass Fair and see what he thinks.
 If you are going I would be happy for you or anyone else to view it , maybe by leaving it with Wolf Rayner who will be selling at the fair.

Glass / Re: id help please frosted glass boat dish
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 09:14:14 PM »
does appear to be a match.            I guess that a newel post is probably a first for the GMB as a support for a boat ;)
Glass / Re: Glass sculpture
« Last post by chriscooper on Yesterday at 08:39:55 PM »
A labelled one  :)
Glass / Re: Orange Peacock trailed vase help please.
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 07:50:55 PM »
is it my imagination or does that base have some sort of polished pontil area?  ( I say area as it doesn't look like a perfectly round pontil mark, but it does look as though it has been polished a) where a pontil rod may have been removed and left a scar and b) where the ends of the trails finish.
If so, does it then have a polished pontil mark and a cut and polished rim?

Also is it iridescent, or does it have some form of 'oilspot' finish on the amber? or is that just the photograph please?
Glass / Re: Orange Peacock trailed vase help please.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 07:28:56 PM »
Can't say I've ever seen one of those in that colour before, the polished rim makes me think Bohemian but who knows, interesting piece, ;D
Malta Glass / Re: Thanks
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Yesterday at 07:25:58 PM »
Gozo and Manoel Island are part of the country of Malta, to be pedantic, and the British board is British and Irish, which encompasses the all British Isles, including Jersey and Guernsey
Malta Glass / Re: Mdina and the Boffos
« Last post by WhatHo! on Yesterday at 06:45:29 PM »
Hi, I hate to discuss the death of someone but is there any documented proof of when Ettore Boffo actually died? I have just read this statement from Elizabeth Harris,
"In 1971, Michael and I finally decided to sell the business and return to the UK. One of those who purchased shares and became a new owner was a former employee, Mr Joe Said. Mr Boffo remained working at M’dina until Mr Mintoff (added: = 1971) came to power, when he was given an ultimatum – either work under the Chinese or leave the island. He decided to stay but unfortunately, and all too soon, his son Etore developed leukaemia and died a year later. His father was heartbroken."
This suggests it was 1972. I am hearing 1970, 71 and 72 and I just wanted clear this up.
Glass News / Re: Broadfield House
« Last post by flyboy90 on Yesterday at 06:31:07 PM »
In the meantime Broadfield continues to be run down, With no official Identification service,Two galleries closed,No museum leaflet(3+years!!),No exhibition programe for 2015 and very little publicity if any.
Malta Glass / Re: Mdina faceted cube vase - Dobson? signature
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 06:29:45 PM »
Yes. It must be the later "jewell-like" blue, then. Doh.
This is what happens when you have to use photos!

I shall modify my last post. Sorry if it then makes your comment look a bit daft, but I don't want any notion of the even dafter thing I said first, getting out anywhere.
Malta Glass / Re: Thanks
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 06:27:15 PM »
 ;)Well, just to nitpick, Gozo is not Malta, neither is Manoel Island, where Phoenician glass is made.
And Kerry Glass wouldn't techically come under British, it's in Eire.

I was only asking, not suggesting.  ;D
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