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British & Irish Glass / Re: newest monart
« Last post by orangeglass on Yesterday at 09:07:45 PM »
Why are we seeing a Vasart - ish similarity (glad it wasn't just me Sue) :D - is it an early piece do you think, not a decor I have seen before quite like this!
Bagley fishscale pattern No 3067 made from 1938 to mid 50s
British & Irish Glass / Re: newest monart
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 07:39:35 PM »
The only thing I've seen that is remotely similar in colour scheme from Ysart is a small-ish Vasart hanging lampshade my brother has. sorry, no pics.
It's nice lit, and works very well as a lampshade - gives a lovely soft, warm light.
Some more pictures of the pale blue crown. Missing its cross , but no other damage other than a couple of tiny chips to the underside of lid.

Glass Market Place / Istvan Komaromy....three Deer
« Last post by cmdg on Yesterday at 06:37:13 PM »
I have a group of three beautiful glass lampworked deer or fawns, made by Istvan Komaromy (one retains it silver label).They are in a marbled blue-ish glass and all 3 are in different 'poses', the tallest measures 7" high.
I am looking to sell them for a fair offer!.
I can email photographs or try to add some here.
Thank you,Chris
need some help identifying this large ish (approx. 12") fruit/salad bowl. im assuming its pressed/moulded glass. the moulding is very nicely done and very clean
Glass / Re: Large Uranium Plinth ID Please
« Last post by KevinH on Yesterday at 06:20:06 PM »
Simba, please confirm the source and url for the image of the urn and plinth you have posted above.

If it is from the Historic New England website then, unless you have specific permission for use in the GMB, their Rights and Reproductions section appear to prohibit free copies.
Thank you very much, Robert!

It is a phantastic design, isn't it, very modern, and painterly -- as if the colour was applied with the tip of a brush.

I don't know either if every CMS piece from this "range" should carry the etched mark, so I guess it will be impossible to be sure who made it.
My floral bowl does have the "R - Krasno" mark >> Link.

Unfortunately the text in the Skrdlovice pattern book is impossible to read for me...
It is just my gut feeling that Skrdlovice pieces from the very early 1950s look different -- different use of colours etc. (but I have only seen a handful, so I may be wrong).

British & Irish Glass / Re: newest monart
« Last post by Gary on Yesterday at 06:12:57 PM »
I love the colour scheme, not one I have seen before. Is it a pre or post war piece ?.
Glass / Large, heavy German hand-cut clear crystal lidded Compote (?) - ID?
« Last post by kimera on Yesterday at 06:11:33 PM »
If anyone could provide some clues as to the origin of this piece I would be very grateful. the sticker is in german and simply translates to 'authentic lead crystal, mouthblown, handcut' or words to that effect. would I be right in suspecting that a german sticker does not necessarily mean it was made in Germany?

I have searched high and low (well, in all honesty somewhere between those extremes), mostly on google, for a similar shape/info to no avail.

it is large (over 12" in height) and rather heavy. it is clearly hand cut but not of the highest quality I would say. not sure what it is or what it would have been used for.. sweets perhaps??
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