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Glass / Re: Davidson Luna vase?
« Last post by KevinH on Yesterday at 12:36:04 PM »
Hi Krasner,

I have removed your duplicate post from yesterday.

You said in yesterday's message that you could not find this original. That is probably because you had posted it in the British & Irish forum rather than the general Glass forum. Since the ID of the vase is not confirmed as yet, I have moved this thread to the general Glass forum.

I have also removed the duplicated photos in this thread.

Finally, I note that your photo editing to reduce the size of your images ends up with an image that is very small in physical size but retains the white background of the original full sized image! This is something that other folk also end up with - it is a result of the way simple editing programs handle "image resizing".

For a simple way to get resized images at low Kb size, I recommend the online routine at Just follow the instructions (ignoring the "cropping" parts) and set the longest size of the image to 700 pixels. The routine will usually produce a good quality image at well below the Board maximum of 125Kb fle size. If the Kb size is still at or over 125Kb, try again with 600 pixel max width.
I would say yes... I have several, and yours looks the same... The trunk is not quite so thin and fine... but if it has a battuto finished base, then I would say it was either Malta Craft or Malta Decorative Glass.  My unspeckled amber ones have the CGL  label. 
Glass Paperweights / Re: STK Paperweight Bowl
« Last post by daveweight on Yesterday at 10:13:25 AM »
John Deacons told me he was asked in 1983 to design sand make an exclusive range of paperweights for the De Cora Import Company who were then in New York but this new range need a name so John named in St Kilda, after an island in the Hebrides, and made weights with an StK cane. This were actually made in the J Glass factory as was his first company and was still in operation then. St Kilda was not a company - just a brand name.
John's home is called Ladymill House so I hope this explains everything for you
Can understand why it never got beyond the 'trial' stage it does have one thing going for it, at least I can safely describe it as rare.
Glass / Re: Bowl etched and sandblasted?
« Last post by Drinkwater on Yesterday at 07:13:20 AM »
Somebody tokd me it is a afors unik peace. But he didn't know the maker.
Glass Paperweights / Re: Scramble Paperweight - ID Help Please
« Last post by mjr on Yesterday at 07:10:52 AM »
As Sophie says - Perthshire late 90s.
This was a design that they introduced late on primarily to cater for the tourist market. The factory and shop in Crieff was on the tourist trail but many visitors would not want to buy, even the bottom end standard weights, as they would be seen as too expensive just as a souvenir.
This range, available in both red and blue backgrounds, were cheap to produce  and were the cheapest weights available in the shop and it was hoped that visitors would buy these. 
Thank you, will do. :)
Glass Paperweights / Re: STK Paperweight Bowl
« Last post by cxgirl on Yesterday at 12:44:35 AM »
I just found a similar bowl that has a label in place that says Crieff Glass Ladymill Glassworks Dallerie, so not Perthshire.
Glass Paperweights / STK Paperweight Bowl
« Last post by cxgirl on Yesterday at 12:18:47 AM »
Here is a bowl that came in a Perthshire box and is marked STK. From reading past posts this is the signature cane for John Deacon used on  a line called St Kilda. So is this a perthshire piece or just been put in the wrong box?
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