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Which I believe was used as a pomode...

British & Irish Glass / Re: Info needed about Royal Brierley vase
« Last post by The Glass Staircase on Yesterday at 03:52:40 PM »
Many thanks Keith :)

In connection with which, I feel the need to add an explanation of my favourite word :) - I always thought it was to do with pomade but having read this it appears it wasn't initially to do with pomade but to do with Macassar oil:

(and yikes ... ten washes to wash out eurggh)
Glass / Re: Glass tumbler 1646
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 02:25:25 PM »
hello Cathib  -  welcome to the GMB.

Regret I don't off-hand have a picture of the Board of Trade Registration No. 75175, but can acquire this when next I visit TNA at Kew.     People here always like to see a picture of your glass item  -  partly out of interest, and partly as we have a member who is compiling a very useful encyclopedia of pressed (mostly) glass designs together with their corresponding Registration Nos.                   
From around 1842 until early 1884 designs were Registered with the Board of Trade, and the finished product usually carried a diamond shaped lozenge which contained a combination of numbers and letter from which it's possible to decipher the maker and date of Registration.    After Feb. 1884 the diamond was dropped in favour of simply showing a four/five or six digit number similar to yours, and preceded, usually by the letters Rd. or Reg.
This No. isn't a trade mark........   trade marks are such things as small images of company names or invented devices/logos used by a maker to protect their designs.          Surprisingly, according to Ray Slack, only five pressed-glass manufacturers in the C19 used a trade mark on their glass  -  Sowerby being the best known probably, and their trade-mark is the peacocks head.

Regret I don't know what the 1646 means either.               Between about 1840 and the end of the C19 there were quite a few Registered Designs for pressed glass tumblers, which is possibly how your piece has been made, although alternatively it may have been blown  -  can you see any mould seams on the side of the tumbler? and does the underside of the base show any grinding or polishing of the glass where this might have been needed to finish the glass after manufacture.             

I'm unsure of what exactly you mean when you say royal cypher - do you mean simply VR??

This design may well have been both CLASS III and IV - glass and ceramics  -  it does happen on occasions.             The comment that this "Design is stated as a Shape of a jug in glass or china" is, on the face of it, at odds with your comment that this is a tumbler, so hoping you  will do your best to provide a photograph of your glass.            Of course if we had the Kew image that would help.
Sometimes a Registered design is for a type of decoration rather that the shape, and in the C19 some manufacturers were known to produce an entire service of shapes, each carrying some element of the original Registered design.

Finally, the date of any Registration doesn't mean that was the date the glass was made...............  it might be, but unlikely since most Registered designs had a shelf life which continued for some years, and some examples of Registrations are known to have been made many years after the date of Registration.   
I'm unsure if they are by same maker but the bases are sort of similar

the base on your shark looks vaguely similar to a huge franco toffolo venetian glass company fish I have I'll upload a picture soon
Glass / Re: Glass tumbler 1646
« Last post by luttonlodge on Yesterday at 01:40:02 PM »
There is some advertising material regarding this manufacturer in the graces guide
Glass / Re: Glass tumbler 1646
« Last post by luttonlodge on Yesterday at 01:35:59 PM »
The registration number 75175 was dated 9th June 1887 by W. P. & G Philips (sic) London, Glass Maker. Design is stated as a Shape of a jug in glass or china.
I am unfamliar with the initilals I assume the other number is the factory pattern number but I could be wrong.
Glass / Re: possible large brown murano shark, can anyone please assist?
« Last post by rsinclair on Yesterday at 12:43:25 PM »
Cheers all for the assistance.

I have already checked that site and unfortunately found nothing.

The closest I have found is on a different blog. There is a similar shark by Formia which appears to have the same shape body and tail but which is on a different base and is of different colouring being clear and white. Apart from that I have had no luck.    ???

Oh and forgot to say in the original post but there is no signature on this piece.

Glass / Glass tumbler 1646
« Last post by Cathib on Yesterday at 12:40:23 PM »
I have a glas with the royal cypher on and the initials CR with 1646 on;  on the bottom of the glas is a trademark I presume, which is Rd 75175.
Could anyone tell me who made this and when please
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