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Glass / Re: Black glass bottle flask I'd please?
« Last post by Paul S. on Yesterday at 06:48:24 PM »
and I know even less, but...............   if you try Bill Lindsey's (States) Bottle Glossary site there maybe some pointers there to indicate age.
Two piece moulds - where the base is incorporated equally on each hinged side are definitely last third C19 - but it's the finish on the neck that looks more distinctive of a slightly earlier manufacture.
This one looks to have either a rolled or folded-in strengthening to the neck - or possibly the slightly later version of a laid-on neck ring.

Date wise it does seem to be mid  ish  C19, that's of course assuming it's a genuine period bottle.     
Glass Paperweights / Satin Glass Millefiori Ball Paperweight with 1848 cane
« Last post by drg642 on Yesterday at 06:43:57 PM »
Hi, What if anything is the meaning/significance of the 1848 cane?  In looking around on-line, I can see that neither the paperweight nor the cane itself are like the really nice paperweights with 1848 canes.  I saw one similar to mine described as a Murano paperweight with a spurious 1848 cane.  Is that correct, and is there any market for these, are they collected?  Also I saw some similar items described as scrambled millefiori.  Would that be an accurate description of this paperweight?

Thank you very much for any thoughts.  I appreciate the help I've received on this board.
Glass Paperweights / Re: Modern weight for id please.
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Yesterday at 06:38:08 PM »
That opaque green is also bog-standard Chinese
Malta Glass / Re: Mdina fish vase signature
« Last post by chopin-liszt on Yesterday at 06:25:51 PM »
Baby Fish is 3.75" tall, 6.5" wide.
Much smaller than John's or my other two.
And a lot smaller than its image, when enlarged. ;D
Malta Glass / Re: Mdina fish vase signature
« Last post by glassobsessed on Yesterday at 06:04:33 PM »
More examples Patrick, all between 6 and 7 inches tall.

Glass Paperweights / Re: Modern weight for id please.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 04:48:09 PM »
Looks like Chinese then, thanks for all the contributions,  ;D
Thank you Sue, you helped me a lot, now I could verify that it is "Phenician" and "Malta". As I never heard of this production before, I was not able to read it.

Have a beautiful sunday evening -
from Vienna - Rosemarie (it i very hot here, summer with 30C)

I actually recognise the glass, it is Phoenician, from Malta.
(I've been after one of these for a long time!)
But what I seem to be able to read on the base is Mtarfa. Also Maltese. I'm confused. ;D


Can you try taking another photo of the mark on the base, but rub a little talcum powder over the marks first, to help make them clearer?

I cannot speak any language other than english, so you are already far better than I am. :)

(I've been peering again, perhaps the bit I think says "Mtarfa" says Malta? and there is something above that?)

The talcum powder trick should help!
Malta Glass / Re: Mdina fish vase signature
« Last post by Patrick on Yesterday at 04:34:16 PM »

 I do have a tiny Fish vase, that Tim Harris told me was made at Mdina towards the end of '68, (illustrated below) dates of these although I know they are very early. (illustrated below)

I love these vases you have shown us.........

What size is the one you mention in your comment above ?


Glass / Identification help - Large Opalescent Vase Gilded Decoration
« Last post by goizil1 on Yesterday at 04:23:28 PM »
Is anyone able to help identify this large (11.5" high) opalescent vase with oriental style "Golden Pheasant" gilded decoration?

The gilding looks to be gold rather than gold paste, is tooled and is contrasted with some kind of dark enamel.  It resembles some late 19th Century Baccarat or Thomas Webb vases.  The base has a large concave ground/polished pontil.  It looks as though the decoration has been let into the glass in some way, or the white glass cut away and polished, leaving the decoration almost flat to the surface of the piece. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Glass / Re: Black glass bottle flask I'd please?
« Last post by bat20 on Yesterday at 03:59:30 PM »
Thanks for the reply Anne,if it's a 70's liquor bottle I'll start wearing mini skirts and change my name to lulu! :).I think in the bottle world this type of glass is described as black glass,even though it's true colour maybe green?.I really don't know much about bottles but I think an applied rim may take it back to the 19 th century and hinting it was blown into a Two part mould?.....I hope so any way as you really wouldn't want to see me in a mini skirt!! ;)
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