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Glass / Re: Erotic Stourbridge glass flask
« Last post by brucebanner on Yesterday at 06:11:30 PM »
Is there any wear to the base where that has been sat for a long time? dirt between the frills, I have a good collection of  Victorian glass and that looks fairly new to me, most the spiked pieces I have are sharp and have some damage, but the odd piece of glass of the above suggested age does turn up in mint condition maybe 1 in 100.

Regards Chris.
Jayne I won that auction and I would be only too pleased to share the info in it. If Anne would like I will scan the pages of trinket sets she can put them on her webpages....
Hi. Does anyone recognize this celar Knobbly / Stretched glass vase? It stands 12" tall. I thought perhaps Whitefriars? Thanks!
OK, thanks for that. I was assuming that the general wonkiness and irregularities of the glasses would place them much earlier - they were certainly not following a template when making them.
Glass / Re: Help to ID glass vase please
« Last post by Ivo on Yesterday at 03:35:15 PM »
Hi and welcome to the glass message board. Your vase is in all probability an Ikea product - though other makers have produced these as well. It was a design from circa 2010 - suddenly everybody needed these vases which often occurred in sets of three.
Glass / Re: Has anyone any ideas about where this twisted Red Glass Vase is from
« Last post by bOBA on Yesterday at 03:06:14 PM »
Hi, on the right lines.... They are both, very likely, nice Chribska pieces

Robert (bOBA)
Glass / Help to ID glass vase please
« Last post by lulubull73 on Yesterday at 02:45:37 PM »
Hi I'd love any ideas about the maker of this vase please.

Many thanks

Glass Events / Re: Bagley Glass Sale
« Last post by Simba on Yesterday at 02:43:35 PM »
Some of the items on sale, not just Bagley....Mantel vases. A pair of pink but one has a couple of small chips and a single frosted blue. Many fruit sets, cake stands and bowls and plates of all sizes, colours and shapes. There are 3 andromedas. Trinket sets galore, including part sets by Walther: Nymphen, Greta and Oxford, 2 boxes of jetique, and  many Empress design articles
Glass / Erotic Stourbridge glass flask
« Last post by Bluerinse on Yesterday at 02:42:55 PM »
hi I purchased this flask recently and was told it's called an end of day fufu flask from about 1880, if anyone can give me infomstion to collabarate what I have been told I would be very grateful many thanks
Hi and welcome to the board. :)
Thanks for posting such lovely clear images.
Good to see somebody checking authenticity too. ;D

I think the information you are looking for should be here.
Checking the catalogues there, I can see a similar weight to yours, just in different colours, being described as being PY for Caithness.
There are articles and images here, showing fake canes and real ones.
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