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Hard to tell with these Rose, your guess is as good as mine, which for this one was Kralik but still just a guess...

Thank you Christine for such a quick and informative reply - I wasn't expecting anything quite so specific as a pattern name and a date, so I'm thrilled. You clearly know your stuff! So, do you think it's an authentic piece of Moser glass, as far as you can tell from just photographs? It's not really what I collect and one champagne saucer isn't much use to me (and isn't really something worth displaying!) so do you think it's worth holding on to or would it be of any interest to a Moser collector?
images of blue glass vases
this looks like a Rudolf Beranek 3 ear design that was identified a long way back on GMB, but not recently...

Robert (bOBA)
We need photos to help you
The design is Neri and it was designed in 1928, possibly by Leo Moser
 Hello, trying to identify these blue tinted glass vases with gilt chinese subject decoration. they appear to be etched or engraved and gold filled into the shallow groves of the design, as well of some on flat surfaces like faces. each one shows small differences in detail of design and reversed as in most pairs. could this be hand done or some sort of printing plate used in process? the bottoms have polished out pontil marks with signs of use.  height 8 inches. Lost on this one and would appreciate any info as i haven't seen any these before. thank you
Glass / Studio Vase. Does anyone regonise this signature, please?
« Last post by Della on May 26, 2016, 04:43:22 PM »
I love this piece, it looks like the sky on a cloudy day going to nearly all black on one side. I really can't seem to capture it very well.  :-[
It is signed, but by who? Does anyone have any idea please?
Glass / Re: Help please - is this a piece of Skrdlovice?
« Last post by bOBA on May 26, 2016, 03:58:32 PM »
Thanks very much Della and Rose. I am not sure either of the pieces in this thread are Skrdlovice. I do not recognise the bowl, it could be possibly vintage murano, which certainly made some Andromeda shaped pieces in the 1950s.... I think the blue vase is probably Chribska,

Robert (bOBA)
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