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Glass / Re: Ruffled bowl with trailed uranium green for consideration
« Last post by SNJ on Today at 03:28:17 PM »
I'm not really sure I like that orange. Makes me feel a bit queasy for some reason.  ???
I'll just add some more photos. I failed to appreciate before that when placed against a white background the glass, particularly on the bottom, has an unusual orange tinge to it.
Glass / Re: Needle Etched Hyacinth Vase
« Last post by Paul S. on Today at 03:01:55 PM »
hi  -  if your assumption is based purely on the evidence of machine etching, then the answer would be no -
machine acid etching was continued for many years into the C20 - although that doesn't mean this particular piece isn't from the very late C19 - it is possible.
I like the pattern by the way - very attractive. :)

Hopefully Patricia will have the time to look in on your glass, but I have a feeling this is one of the 'wishful thinking' group that whilst looking as tho it should be a bulb vase, almost certainly isn't. :)

Glass / Needle Etched Hyacinth Vase
« Last post by dinklepip on Today at 02:07:58 PM »
Poor pics I know, tried to accentuate the pattern on this item.  Am I right in assuming Victorian?
Glass / Uranium Bowl in Silver Plate Liner
« Last post by dinklepip on Today at 02:04:52 PM »
Can't seem to narrow this down to anything despite trawling the net. Very Libertys in style but not as it only has EPNS on the base.  Very bright under my UV light.  3.75" diam.  Am assuming a sugar bowl from the Nouveau era?
Here are some more pics of the Maltese boat ashtray and dog. The first boat has a label but was damaged so I found another with no label but with amber and blue colours as well as green.
Glass / Still looking for studio/maker
« Last post by sdelzer71 on Today at 01:41:21 PM »
I still haven't found much information on this piece.  No noticeable markings or signatures on either piece. I have scoured online and books at the library and haven'e found anything close. Any help would be appreciated.
Here is a green Malta Decorative Glass dog, of dubious quality, with label and marked with number 4000 . It's 5.5 inches tall and has a hollow blown body and a solid head.  Murano dogs have been made in a similar way. I don't think it is Chinese in origin as it is the same green as the labeled boat ashtray (see below). Also it has the earlier label. I also found a blue, clear cased dog which is very similar and might also be MDG but it doesn't have a label. One distinguishing feature  is that both dogs have nostrils ! I also have another blue one almost identical to this but that has black on white eyes similar to the green hound . The blue dog is 4.5 inches to the top of it's head.

Going back to the Chinese origin of Malta Decorative Glass, could it be that Malta Decorative Glass exported to China or Hong Kong ? Just a thought ?
British & Irish Glass / Webb Corbett, Irene Stevens vase for show.
« Last post by keith on Today at 12:55:46 PM »
Had just been reading about her in 20thCBG when I saw this, 10 inches tall, no chips or nibbles and fully marked, weighs a ton, the glass is one cm thick at the rim timeless design, well I think so, ::) ;D ;D
Glass / Mark on Crystal Glasses
« Last post by petet63 on Today at 12:26:21 PM »
Hi all, I picked up a nice pair of Crystal Glasses. I know how difficult it is to find patterns and makers so I might get lucky on here you never know. (I got very lucky last time on here) These Glasses have a mark on them that I have never seen. One has 3 small wavy lines with a semi circle on top and the other only has 3 wavy lines. I did not see them until I gave them a good clean. They have 3 rows of 'Leaf' cuts with the bottom row extending onto the stem. Its a very nice look on the glass. I would say not hand cut.  I thought maybe Rogaska but not with these marks on??

After closer inspection they do seem hand cut. Very very small differences in the spaces between the cuts.
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