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Update:  Confirmed -- This is Murano.   ;)

I Saw a blue one like this (Antique Store) with a round small Blue/Gold Foil label on it saying "Made in Murano Italy" 

So ID confirmed......I guess

Here is where I found it:


Mine is a yellow bowl...this is blue with a label.  Items match!!

Glass / Re: Help with this Feathered Vase Maker
« Last post by langhaugh on Yesterday at 06:32:06 AM »
Kosta Boda would be signed.  If you're in the US, I would still think studio glass.

Glass / Re: Help with glass basket
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Yesterday at 06:28:25 AM »
I would look at the USA. Perhaps ask here  or look through their gallery
Murano & Italy Glass / Re: I dont think this label is Seguso?
« Last post by langhaugh on Yesterday at 06:27:27 AM »
Here is one of my perfume bottles plus label. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that this is a generic label (then again, I might not have been listening).

Glass / Help with glass basket
« Last post by dendean on Yesterday at 04:29:28 AM »
Can anyone help me identify this basket?  I can't find anything similar in all my searching!
Murano & Italy Glass / Latest Purchase Archimede Seguso Perfume Set?
« Last post by ardy on Yesterday at 03:05:15 AM »
Hi All - bought these from the USA and although the powder box lid does not match (Which I missed), and I have some concerns about the powder box itself. It is a lovely thing and I wanted a set of these to go with my other perfume set. This one is not the same condition as the first one, but I am still happy with it. Hoping to pick up something else today and will post it if I get it.

Will post better photo's later.



PS also have an alabaster candy twist and a blue one but Not a set YET! argh...........
Murano & Italy Glass / Re: I dont think this label is Seguso?
« Last post by ardy on Yesterday at 02:53:33 AM »
Hi David - I am surprised as I thought this might be a generic label as mine look larger scollops or the A.S. Oval label/ banner/acid etched.

see attached.

Glass / Scandinavian glass
« Last post by ulysses_88 on Yesterday at 01:31:20 AM »
Hello again!  Another piece for identification.  Have seen this rather intriguing piece recently. I'm sure it is Scandinavian, although maker has me baffled.  I had thought it may have been Kosta Boda.  It is unmarked, although there is some ware to the base, which makes me think it has some age to it. This is the only photo I have. The piece is quite heavy, well made. Thanks!
Glass / Re: Sweet meat glass?
« Last post by Anne on Yesterday at 01:30:46 AM »
Ahhh yes Paul, my collection was sort of accidental too! ;) Here are some of mine - I'd forgotten they were already in my gallery:
Glass / Re: Identification Benny Motzfeldt
« Last post by ulysses_88 on Yesterday at 01:16:43 AM »
Thankyou for the responses etc.  Attached are some further images. I've looked at 'pulegoso', I don't think it's as commercial as those pieces. It appears less refined, and more 'handcrafted' . I'm not familiar with Torbjorn Torgersen, but there is certainly no colour in this piece.  The smaller 'flecks' in the glass are just smaller bubbles which appear almost black. Thanks so much for your help though. I found this little image of a PLUS glass piece, which made me think it may have been Benny M.
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