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Glass / Re: Whitefriars Glass Bison Slab...Canadian Commission?
« Last post by BONYTONY on Yesterday at 08:09:16 AM »
Hi Tim. Many thanks. Good suggestion. Clearly there are obvious differences to the Bison Contrete present day charging bison logo and this glass bison, however I've just emailed Bison Contrete with the question whether or not the bison in the slab matches any known logo they used c.1960's. Naturally if I hear anything back from them I can post it back here.
Glass Paperweights / Re: is this mark for Maltese decorative glass ?
« Last post by glassobsessed on Yesterday at 07:48:47 AM »
Really? Perhaps you should review this topic then.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Cloud glass question.
« Last post by David E on Yesterday at 07:25:45 AM »
This is Topaz-Briar, Keith, and one of the more uncommon cloud colours and only made from 195761. I have a few T-B examples myself, including some rare examples that are satinated all over, or just satinated on the outside.

A good find (again...)  ;D
Glass Paperweights / Re: is this mark for Maltese decorative glass ?
« Last post by glass newbie on Yesterday at 07:08:06 AM »
has anybody ever even seen a paperweight with this maltese cross mark, as so far i have only seen other items ( bottles etc)  never another weight  . many thanks
Germany / Re: Idenification Please
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Yesterday at 06:33:20 AM »
They should have a circular frog in the top that will also fit a figurine, so a vase or flower bowl
Glass / Re: Vaseline Green Champagne Flutes
« Last post by Lustrousstone on Yesterday at 06:19:31 AM »
Can we have a clearer shot of just one please. Do they have pontil marks? How is the rim finished? Are they really uranium glass, i.e., do they fluoresce bright green under a UV light?
There are 5 pieces shown as pattern 29220 in the catalogue sheet that I was kindly sent by Nathan and John Smith for the GTS website.

I think the tray is a match to that you show but the powder bowl and candlesticks appear to be a different pattern.
Fred, if you won't mind, I'm going to split this into separate topics for each pattern, as it will get a bit muddled otherwise.  That way I can add some extra info without getting myself lost. :)
British & Irish Glass / Re: Cloud glass question.
« Last post by Anne on Yesterday at 01:25:33 AM »
Ta Keith. It reminded me of the moss green one I picked up late last year which is about the same size, and I wondered if they may be from same stable, but the base is different - mine has a polished pontil mark and yours seems to be slightly depressed, and I think your bottom is a bit wider than mine (not often I can get away with saying that!  :P)
Just a caution re the blue set.  I bought  a drink set in Woodchester.  It is sensational in the flesh (so to speak).  Early this year I saw what I thought was another set with a shorter jug and tumblers - BUT I did not buy it as it was glass, not crystal.  About 2 months later I had a flash of horror and compared the iced tea glass from the blue set to a "Bird on Branch" one and sure enough the blue one is GLASS.  I missed out on only the second set of Stuart Glass($60AUD =  30 pounds Sterling).

What I am saying is that the trinket set in blue may well be glass but it will still be Stuart.


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