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Glass / Re: What is 'marbrie' decoration?
« Last post by flying free on Today at 02:43:11 PM »
Kev, thank you,  it was a long time ago but I'm sorry, I missed your reply.  Frank thank you.

 it definitely irks me to see all and sundry described as ' Nailsea':
- firstly because much of the all and sundry appears to be fairly recent (and 20th century stuff)
- and secondly because describing something as Nailsea appears to me at least,to imply old and English (when mostly what I see is not)
In some ways I think I just prefer 'pulled feathered design'. That at least is properly descriptive and doesn't imply age :)

Hi guys, have you seen these MDG paperweights before?
Glass / Re: airtwist stem candlestick
« Last post by Frank on Today at 02:19:00 PM »
Probably Portugese. Very similar imported by Weil in US at $5 a pair
Probably Portugese
British & Irish Glass / Re: Monart or not ?
« Last post by Frank on Today at 02:09:50 PM »
Grey matter issue :D Sorry was thinking of the gadget which grips at the edges as opposed to a fixed prong punty iron.

Meanwhile my less controversial question not answered  "On the letters, who was the person in reply 1 which is not shown on the pic?"
Glass / Re: Mystery set of tiny tazzas, comports or sweetmeats
« Last post by Frank on Today at 01:59:36 PM »
Just came across these in a 1927 French catalogue, a wide variety of coupes ŕ pied all available in sizes from 75mm so clearly a standard product.
Glass / Re: What is 'marbrie' decoration?
« Last post by Frank on Today at 01:55:04 PM »
It is used for other glass than paperweights, also ceramics, furniture etc. by auction houses, but have yet to find a non-20th century or makers usage. I even found one example given as Marbrie/Nailsea. It might be better to use in preference to Nailsea!

Marbrie (probably anglicised derivation from Marbré) is a decoration simulating marble. Nothing to do with marbles for which the French is billes.
Glass / Re: Help with decanter and glasses pls.
« Last post by WhatHo! on Today at 01:17:25 PM »
Hi, I have bumped into this decanter in 'Glass of the 20s and 30s' by Frankie Leibe and Janette Hayhurst p55 stating 1920s Orrefors and saying plates bowls tumblers etc made in this range but it doesn't mention the designer or name of the range. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
Glass Paperweights / Re: Boat Paperweight
« Last post by w8happiness on Today at 12:15:09 PM »

this looks like the signature of Ronny Nilsson of Lindshammar Glasbruk in Sweden,
Kind regards E.
Glass Paperweights / Mistral magnum
« Last post by Wuff on Today at 12:13:56 PM »
Again on worthpoint - a Mistral magnum weight: approx. 3 1/2" inches tall ... so this likely will be a "simple magnum". Again - 1983 will be year of manufacture - first issued in 1982.

The person trying to read the signature calls it "Mister" - likely someone who has never been to the Provence ;D.
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