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Scandinavian Glass / Orrefors vase
« Last post by culverwood on March 03, 2015, 12:53:09 PM »
I recently bought a vase I hoped was something else, it has the overall shape of some of Simon Gate's vases, however it has the following identification:

Orrefors N.1968.BJ (could be BY or B followed by a continental 7)

Nils Landberg?           Birgitta Johansson?

Can any one help?
hi David.......   just shows you the value of Patricia's book, which an essential volume for anyone with even the slightest interest in glass. :)

There are very similar shapes to yours, in S. & F., which shows masses of decorative patterns/cuts on sherries that were current from the 1870 - 1880 period as Christine has suggested - machine acid etching was another common embellishment.        Apparently the  shape originates commonly - with this thin plain stem - c. 1850 -60, with coloured versions mostly in green and red - the better quality examples having a collar, but I'm sure a lot have been reproduced in recent times - they don't seem to have the quality or shears/depression mark.
As a general shape for sherry, this type of bowl has had a very long life, and is still produced.          In view of your comments about the foot finish i.e. absence of shears mark or pontil depression, my opinion would be that yours is a C20 product.

Does seem this bowl shape did exist 1760 - 1800 (George III period) but uncommon I think, and mostly the earlier stems differed a lot by having knops/multiple knops, balusters and other forms of cut/moulded decoration - a lot different to yours.

But look at how much you know of mid C20 table ware glass - about which I know just about nothing. :)

quote from Christine............   "so I can't afford to remember much"  -  don't believe it Chris( ;) ;))  -  you've a very good memory - it's only when you get to being 49 like me that you forget things. ;)

P.S.    presumably this should be moved to Glass ?? :)
I really don't remember things like that. I edit millions of words a year and see thousands of pictures, so I can't afford to remember much
Glass / Re: Erotic Stourbridge glass flask
« Last post by Bluerinse on March 03, 2015, 10:22:45 AM »
Hi yes there are scratches on the base were its been sat, dirt inside the flask and in the crevices, also a small chip were the pontil is, any further info would be gladly received cheers
Paul, I do feel like a newbie sometimes when I'm out of my comfort zone!  ;D

As shown in photo 3, it is a finished base with a blob of glass, no pontil mark. Well found with PC's book - last place I'd have looked - funnily, that's one of the dangers of editing and compiling a book is that you very rarely go back to it, apart from quick reference, but I can still remember most of the chapter names three years later.

Christine - fancy you missing that!  :o ;D
Glass / Unknown Rock Sharp Style Wine Glasses -Need help with ID
« Last post by jclearstl on March 03, 2015, 07:50:32 AM »
3 1/4 rim
7 3/4 tall
2 1/4 base
Glass / Re: Brockwitz? Flower Basket/Bowl Verification?
« Last post by pamela on March 03, 2015, 07:36:30 AM »
Another vague possibility is Poland around and after 1940 (Hortensja) where several patterns from Saxony can be found, however, neither proof for your bowl, I'm afraid. 

It's another evidence for Brockwitz if the bird sits properly, I'd say.
Glass / Re: ID Help please dec?? fruit set part frosted and ribbed
« Last post by pamela on March 03, 2015, 07:27:31 AM »
It happenend like always: while browsing the catalogues for another pattern, I found your bowl:

Stolle-Niemen, Poland 1923 page 99 - bowl # 1760

This catalogue came with PK 2008-1-05 - unfortunately not online

Very nice bowl!  :)
Glass / Re: Brockwitz? Flower Basket/Bowl Verification?
« Last post by Neil on March 03, 2015, 06:45:14 AM »
Thanks for that, Pamela.
Would you say that the same legs and the same design in the base as the Prismen set would be enough to qualify it as Brockwitz?
I will catch up with Angela about hers, to see if she has a cockatoo in hers.
Good to hear from you again.
Glass / Re: Brockwitz? Flower Basket/Bowl Verification?
« Last post by pamela on March 03, 2015, 06:11:21 AM »
G'day Neil  :)
simba-Angela has got the same bowl in green - I still believe yes, Brockwitz - although no catalogue proof found so far.
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