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Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / Re: KRALIK - Martele ( Pink )
« Last post by Lustrousstone on November 26, 2015, 09:43:56 AM »
Well done Rose. That's lovely one  ;D
I had to do a little searching and I will continue to do so, because there's not much I can say except that they were done as you mentioned, at Herbatte, one of the divisions of VSL at that time in the department of Namur.  The black examples are made of hyalite glass, the red one is blown in a mould, both imitating Chinese laquer ware, which would be correct for its time in the Japonism period.

I have some images of the pieces from your link, that are a bit more clear, but I just need to find out if I can post them here, re copyright, to see for everybody's benefit, if not I'll send them via MP to you.

You do not mention size, but as you mentioned, the gilding would wear off quickly but I'm sure it wouldn't be for every day use. If it's a bit larger, then it could be the handle of a carving knife, which you would use even less, I guess, once a year at Christmas and very special occasions.

Coincidentally, I got approached by the curator of the Grand Curtius, mr Phillippart, earlier this week and if it is ok with you, I'll show him your pictures to see what he can find out.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Chance tumbler for show...
« Last post by David E on November 26, 2015, 09:17:33 AM »
I also have one with this decoration and the colour is a deep pink. Can be seen in Chance Additions, p.38, bottom-left  ;) and there are many other variants (floral transfers particularly) for this tumbler too numerous to be listed in the book. I do intend to list new finds on as and when they come to light - I already have a few - but time is not with me...
Glass Events / Prague, Czech Republic - Modern Czech Glass, sale December 13, 2015
« Last post by kerameumcz on November 26, 2015, 09:15:23 AM »
Invitation to the forthcoming auction sale of Modern Czech Glass, taking place in Prague, Czech Republic, on Sunday, December 13, 2015. Please visit for a downloadable pdf catalogue, lots no. 176 to 262 in the Fine Art section of the catalogue.   

Up for sale are 87 pieces designed by the following Czech glass artists:

Rudolf Beránek, Lubomír Blecha, Jan Černý, Miloš Filip, Václav Hanuš, Pavel Hlava, Miloš Hlaváč, Petr Hora, Josef Hospodka, Jiří Karel, Vladimír Jelínek, Pavel Ježek, Rudolf Jurnikl, Vladimir Klein, Jan Kotík, Stanislav Libenský, Vlasta Lichtágová, Oldřich Lípa, Oldřich Lipský, Věra Lišková, Zdena Mašatová, Adolf Matura, Milan Metelák, Vladimír Míka, Ladislav Oliva, Pavel Pánek, Josef Pravec, Carine Riezebos, René Roubíček, Ivo Rozsypal, Siegmund Schütz, Rudolf Schwedler, Ludvika Smrčková, Mária Stáhlíková, Jaroslav Svoboda, Josef Švarc, Eva Švestková, Anna Torfs, Milena Velíšková, František Vízner, Karel Wünsch, František Zemek, Vladimír Žahour, Jiřina Žertová.   
New Zealand & Australia Glass / Re: Philip Jacobs or is it.
« Last post by singingyamada on November 26, 2015, 08:48:06 AM »
well the answer is found , A lady was researching him and my name popped up with the board. By email.  Philip Arthur jacobs

"My name is evelyn and I wondered if you had all your information for the wonderful artist Philip Arthur Jacobs - he was a Pharmacist in Port Macquarie and a great artist"

"Hello Evelyn I have his piece on my wall because I cant bear to part
with it. How did you know about my search for him?

"Hi Lee

Well it is  story. Phil and Judy Jacobs lived in Port Macquarie and Phil was a Pharmacist for many years. I had a terrible surgery and Phil and Judy assisted me to recover from massive adhesions internally. I became friends with both. Phil had a surgery to his leg - veins and it went horribly wrong - he was in a wheelchair. Phil started a glass venture - beautiful pieces - I do not know how long he did this or if he was doing it before he came to Port Macquarie but people snapped up his pieces. Obviously when his health deteriorated he stopped and then he passed away. He was a beautiful quiet man. I was looking in a book he gave my Pharmacist daughter in 1994 and found his original Pharmacy Certificate, I then tried to google Judy who I had lost contact with but found your messageboard so just wondered if you had found the information you wanted. He was in Port Macquarie from at least 1992 onwards because that is when I met him. So have you got the right Philip Jacobs?

Regards Evelyn

"Look what I found 

Look in the index of some of Phil's work (I don't think this Gallery exists anymore as I live in Lake Cathie and have not heard of it)

Regards Evelyn"
Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / KRALIK - Martele ( Pink )
« Last post by antiquerose123 on November 26, 2015, 06:45:18 AM »
Hi there:
As you know I have a *few pieces* of Murano Pink glass.  I think it finds me.  Well anyways -- it was my birthday here a while ago and I stumbled on this piece and thought " What a Lovely Birthday Gift to myself.....Plus some Pink on it."

 Pink was never my fav color to WEAR -- But when it comes to GLASS -- I LOVE IT!

Beautiful and stunning vase.  Has All the bells and whistles in my book!!!!  About 7.25 inches tall.  Kralik Martele with pink flowers, some green and lots of iridescent to it.   I now have 3 pieces of Kralik martele -- LOL -- I guess I HAVE a collection now!!

 These are NOT my photos, but I have permission to use and keep them.  Thanks for looking

  I am so HAPPY!!!!!
Thanks Alan,

I've been reading as much on-line info. as I can and came across this wonderful website. There is a paperweight here with blue tint twist canes very similar to this example to the bottom right (same size also , this one being more like 2 1/8 inches tall having remeasured it  ! ) . It mentions a blue florescence under UV but on mine it only applies to any blue that is present  in some of the canes  ;)  I liked reading about Michael Parkington too !

Ta, Mike
Glass / Modern? vase with thick blue trails
« Last post by heartofsklo on November 25, 2015, 09:59:45 PM »
Tall vase (25cm) main body is clear with thick globular blue trails around the outer, the base has a center circle that is frosted looking.
Most likely modern but does anyone know different.
Any ideas appreciated.

Hi.  I would vote for Vasart rather than Strathearn, especially with the ground base... but it is an inexact science!

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