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 ;) I had a very pleasant conversation with the chap with the pony tail and fire engine, just a couple of weeks ago.


AAArgh. (I think I'm permanently signed in to that site, something that was sorted for me at the start.)
Go to the link under Christine's name that says "My Gallery". Click on the image that comes up to enter.
Go to the top bar, click on Search at the top. Enter "evergreen" into the search box.
White opaque gilded glass
Thanks Sue, Link not working  >:( ....(very pleased Scotland has many more MPs (SNP) in parliament  ;D's a really good thing to have happened for the whole of the U.K ...IMHO.....sorry to digress from the subject of glass ) ;D.....won't ever make any political comments again  ;)
Thanks very much David & Christine ,

It's all very intriguing, is this shape a mushroom/toadstool ...which I think it is (don't wish to personally  name a design shape  ::) )  , or could it possibly represent  something else do you think.. I've ruled-out a waterlily  ;) ?

I've been Goooooglin' and have seen some 'gay' examples (love the cut, Waterlily pieces !) . Would be very interested to see the  advert. for the  bullseye  , if poss.. :)

Cheers, Mike
Glass / Re: ID Please Possible HUGE Dino Martens Aureliano Toso vase Murano
« Last post by stubbsywubsy on May 20, 2015, 09:57:19 AM »
Thank you both for your input.
i must admit it is very thin and good quality glass, a lot better than any modern reproductions that i have seen in the antique centres. but i agree with the top heavy part this does not really capture the style of 1950's Italian design for me.

Gay was basically the colour range in a range of finishes, i.e., a marketing campaign. The finishes and shapes were used with other colours and the colours were used with other shapes and finishes
There is an advert somewhere that shows the Bullseye range in clear, but it was post-1945. I'll see if I can find it.
Moderators please, as this auction has ended and as the bowl is on its way to my collection, could this thread be returned to >>Germany for future reference?
Thank you very much!
Glass / Re: Leech or tea light jar
« Last post by bat20 on May 20, 2015, 05:46:46 AM »
Thanks Christine.
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