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Glass / Re: Vintage or new?
« Last post by Ivo on May 21, 2016, 08:46:01 AM »
Hi Jonathon, welcome to the Glass Message Board. We really appreciate your visit.

See if you can spot any similarities.

And as for vintage, I always use the rule, more than 80 years is antique, less than 20 years is recent and anything else is undefined.

Glass / Re: Vintage or new?
« Last post by Paul S. on May 21, 2016, 08:35:28 AM »
hello Jonathon - welcome to the GMB

do understand what your question is asking, but perhaps the wording is a little inappropriate in relation to glass.                   The word vintage is really meaningless unless accompanied by a specific year  -  it's an expression borrowed from the world of wine - and can apply to any year, whether recent or ancient.
I appreciate that it's fashionable to describe items as being vintage or retro, and these words may have a more precise meaning in other areas of collecting, although since it's a tad on the subjective side, then it's open to some variation in definition and is thus potentially confusing.               But the expression vintage has certainly gained a big following in some areas of collectibles and is obviously here to stay whether we like it or not............ so perhaps a rather broad time scale of 25 -50 years might be termed vintage.
What do other people think of this suggestion?

Sorry, can't help with an attribution for your piece of glass - I'd suggest it's quite modern in appearance and is therefore not vintage.      Since you say 'these' - do we assume you have more than one?? :)
Glass / Re: StarCastle33 Art Glass Artist List
« Last post by StarCastle33 on May 21, 2016, 03:01:14 AM »
This is pretty awesome when you think about it.  Over 3K names is a true wealth of knowledge to benefit from.  Thank you so much for the additions all.  I pasted the additions that were made into my list and because the names are arranged differently I now have over 4500 names.  Thats ok with me because I will be using the "Find" feature in excel most of the time anyways.  But I did have some pesky side by side duplicates that I should have thought of before posting the original list.  For those of you out there who already have your list, there is a way to "remove duplicates" under the "Data Tab".  Select the whole column and hit that button.  But then you will find that some duplicates still remain because there are extra "spaces" in the cell.  You can use the "Trim" feature to get rid of some of them.  Youtube "Trim in excel" to get a better understanding of it.  Finally, you will come to the realization that even "Trim" doesnt get rid of all the spaces, thats because when we copy names from websites we pick up different kinds of spaces that trim doesnt recognize.  There is an alternative formula:  =TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(160),CHAR(32)))
This is assuming you have your list starting in cell A1.  But you really should watch the video of Trim to get the concept before plugging in this formula.

  Sorry if this seems a bit confusing, this is more for the perfectionists out there whose OCD wont allow duplicate names in their list LOL.  But, if your only planning on using the "Find" feature anyways, this is all really unnecessary.  Hope this helps.  I know that I sold a piece of art glass last week, that was from an artist I had sold a previous piece of a long time ago.  But I didnt update my list when I knew who the artist was during that first sale.  So, when I checked my list this last time and didnt find his name, I instead went off of my minimal quality valuation and sold the piece for $125.  Turns out it was a Richard Silver Ruby Tourmaline.  Well thats just the way it goes, and I am making sure I update my list every single time now hahahahaha.
Glass / Re: Square Glass Vase...Scandinavian?
« Last post by KevinH on May 21, 2016, 12:37:17 AM »
The eBay item that Anne Tique has linked to above, will disappear from view.

So for future reference purposes, it is worth noting here that the eBay item (which is clear shading to pink) appears to be identical in shape to Patti's and is of a similar size (the eBay listing states approx: Height 20,7 cm, Width 19,6 cm and Length 19,7 cm.)

The eBay item has two labels, one a clear plastic label, "BARBINI murano" and a silver-type label, "eseguito a mano. vetro sonoro" ("hand made. crystal glass"). The listing states "ca 1975-80".
Glass Paperweights / Re: Is This Perthshire PP6 or PP1? ID = PP1. pre-1978
« Last post by KevinH on May 21, 2016, 12:14:53 AM »
Oops! I got it wrong. I did not take the analysis far enough.

As you say, the PP1 was a "large" weight (3 inch). Since yours is Medium (2 1/2 inch) and not a PP6, it must be a PP2; but like the PP1 designs it is also pre-1978 because of the lack of a signature cane.

The book shows that there were a variety of designs for many of the "PP" numbers. Although in the book a 1-1-2-2 design is not stated or illustrated for the PP2 versions, it was, I assume, one of the variations. Unless, of course, it is a Medium sized PP1 ... which is not covered in the book.

Simple, really. :)
Glass / Re: Vintage or new?
« Last post by Ben.unwin on May 20, 2016, 10:14:15 PM »
Can't really see the colours or any other specifics in the photo but it looks similar to pieces by Mstisov
Different décor but same panelling, mark and quality.
Glass / Vintage or new?
« Last post by berkshiregarage on May 20, 2016, 08:11:19 PM »
I was wondering if anyone could tell me if these are vintage?
Any information would be appreciated.
Glass / Re: Square Glass Vase...Scandinavian?
« Last post by Patti3435 on May 20, 2016, 07:43:53 PM »
Thank you so much Anne! I have been searching and searching! You made my day getting this IDd!
British & Irish Glass / Re: some of my newest additions to my family of Monart
« Last post by millarart on May 20, 2016, 07:35:03 PM »
Are these two glow in the dark Gary???? 8)
id imagine parts will be , il try tonight with the uv lamp and see
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