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British & Irish Glass / Re: Latest Monart purchase - today
« Last post by Gary on Yesterday at 01:39:03 PM »
The use of red aventurine was sparsely used by the Ysart's in the Monart range, though i believe Paul used it in his paperweights.

Whilst checking what colours were in a small Monart bowl in todays sunlight, something sparkled inside the bowl.
I took some photos with a macro lens, the first one is what I believe to be red aventurine, the second is gold aventurine.
The actual size of of the red adventurine is 1cm long.
Glass / lidded uranium box?
« Last post by bat20 on Yesterday at 01:31:23 PM »
Hi all,got to say the best find at the boot fair today was two books on glass dead cheap,but a bit of a blank on the glass front apart from this little 10cm uranium glass box with a roughly polished pontil,it has a couple of chips on the inside of the rim and funnily enough i've never found one without sadly.I'm guessing Bohemia but i'm not sure about the date,any thoughts,also could i ask do chips on the inside of glass box's affect the monetary value much, or is there a bit of a amnesty on them! many thanks.
Glass / Re: Any ideas about this little rooster?
« Last post by Ivo on Yesterday at 01:05:50 PM »
I think we can safely promote this little stunner to the Murano board.
Glass / Re: Any ideas about this little rooster?
« Last post by Turtledoves on Yesterday at 11:46:50 AM »
Hi again, he is 6.5 inches high by 5.5 inches. Thanks.
British & Irish Glass / Re: Whodunnit ? puzzle.
« Last post by keith on Yesterday at 11:12:57 AM »
Sorry m, Royal Brierley Studio it is, label and marked to the base, this piece brings my total number of RB'y studio, vases only, to 19 different shapes most of which come in three sizes. ;D ;D
Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Austria / Re: moser blue opal?
« Last post by bat20 on Yesterday at 10:17:14 AM »
Thanks m,thats great avice.
Glass / Re: Rainbow of colors...vase/bowl/sculpture, What is it?
« Last post by ttttootall on Yesterday at 10:01:22 AM »
Thank you all for the help with pictures they look really good.
Glass / Re: Any ideas about this little rooster?
« Last post by Ivo on Yesterday at 09:47:40 AM »
The gold accents do point at Murano, but we'd like you to bring out your tape measure and let us know what  "little" is.  If it is lightweight lamp work there is little chance of an ID. But it looks oven worked, and the animal is just stunning.

Welcome to the GMB!
Glass / Re: Any ideas about this little rooster?
« Last post by David E on Yesterday at 09:24:36 AM »
Hi and welcome to GMB!

Glass animals, particularly lampworked, are notoriously difficult to attribute without a signature or label - I have dozens that I have no idea about. Style, colours, and workmanship are a good start, but also it can come down to certain tools used to create crimps, etc. So my post is not that helpful, except to welcome you here!  :D  ???
British & Irish Glass / Re: Non catalogued Monart bowl ?
« Last post by Gary on Yesterday at 08:36:21 AM »
Mystery solved, they are in fact a post war variation of the shape IG.
Link below shows a post war labeled IG shape. Though the vendor has dated his piece wrongly ie 1930s

 The image is of a pre war version of shape IG.
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