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Title: Assorted Whitefriars...?
Post by: Pinkspoons on February 19, 2006, 07:33:39 PM
Been a very busy day down at the bootsales... my wallet wasn't too dented, though.

I'm pretty sure these are all Whitefriars, but my modem's slowed to a crawl for reasons known only to NTL, so I'm finding it impossible to trawl the catalogues on like I would normally...

Title: Assorted Whitefriars...?
Post by: Pinkspoons on February 20, 2006, 08:30:59 AM
Well my internet connection finally woke up...

...but mostly I'm none the wiser. I tracked down the twilight footed vase as pattern 9361 and the amber shell-shaped bowl is in the 1960 catalogue, but the pattern number is illegible on the whitefriarsorg site. I can only find the blue vase mentioned sizes 12"-8", and mine's only 6".

And I can't find the other two at all - just kind of similar designs.

So was I mistaken with their Whitefriars-ness, or do they fall in the gaps between the site's catalogue collection?
Title: Post subject
Post by: vidrioguapo on February 20, 2006, 09:13:32 AM
Hi, my internet connection is also slow this morning, but can help with a couple of these....
1) The Twilight lobed vase looks like 9385 a James Hogan design, should be in catalogues 1954 - 57....nice one, I collect a lot from this period

2) Blue wavey vase looks like 9353 - a William Wilson design c 1954

3) Dark blue optic - may be 9094 - I believe ( but can;t confirm) these were made 6" high.. you will have to keep trawling for this

4) 9361 - correct I have one in Sea Green.

Hope this helps   Regards Emmi
Title: Assorted Whitefriars...?
Post by: Pinkspoons on February 20, 2006, 10:01:33 AM
Thanks for those!

I thought the Twilight one might be 9385, but the 1957 catalogue shows one with indentations on the rim, whereas mine has a reasonably flat rim.

I do like all of the pieces I bought, though, they sit quite nicely in my predominantly Scandinavian collection. :)
Title: Assorted Whitefriars...?
Post by: Pinkspoons on February 20, 2006, 10:33:33 AM
I've done a quick Google - no mention of pattern 9094 in anything other than 12" to 8" inches tall.  :?

T'is a mystery. But hopefully one easily solved!  :D

I found a couple of 6" - 6.25" ribbed optic vases in WFOrg's past auctions pages, but no details about production years, unfortunately.
Title: Assorted Whitefriars...?
Post by: vidfletch on February 20, 2006, 12:12:48 PM
My thoughts;

No.1 - It's not Pattern 9094. The colour is wrong as the nearest it looks to any Whitefriars colour is "Blue Cased In Clear Crystal". Pattern 9094 was not made in cased crystal. 9094 was made in 12", 10", 8" and 6" sizes but none this kind of colour. I assume the vase is not encased in clear crystal???

No.2 - Could be 9385, is it 7.75" high? There is one in the Lesley jackson book and the rim is hardly indented at all. They would all be different of course.

No.3 - It is Pattern 9361. Should be 7" high.

No.4 - It is Pattern 9353. Should be 7.75" high. Colour is Sapphire Blue.

No.5 - It is Pattern 9558. Made from 1960 to 1964. Colour is Golden Amber.

Hope this helps.

Title: Assorted Whitefriars...?
Post by: Pinkspoons on February 20, 2006, 12:29:44 PM
No 1: It's not cased, no. The proportions and ribbing look the same as the other WF ones I've seen for around this size. Any ideas what it could be? I seem to have a habit of stumbling over Whitefriars pieces in queer uncatalogued colours... as well as glass which looks very nearly like WF, but isn't.  :lol:

No 2: It's just a touch over 8".

No 3: 7" on the nose.

No 4: I assume you meant 5.75" tall....?

No. 5: Thanks! I tried squinting at the WFOrg catalogues, but the faded squiggles wouldn't give up their secrets!  :D