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Title: A hyacinth for Ivo
Post by: Lustrousstone on February 22, 2006, 09:56:24 PM
and anyone else that's interested! Is this an interesting one? It seems old, quite crudely made. 14.5 cm tall, 12 cm max width.

This one is amber, and seems to have been blown into a two part mould. The inside is smooth, the outside has a sort of leather texturing. Lots of bubbles, lop-sided top, some roughness inside under the top of the top bulge. A bit of water marking, but hey it was for hyacinths in water! Click to enlarge

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PS I have another green one in the post!
Title: A hyacinth for Ivo
Post by: Ivo on February 23, 2006, 07:45:32 AM
Good Girl! I think that is a nice one, but our specialist in these matters wil look at it herself and let you know.
Title: A hyacinth for Ivo
Post by: Jay on February 25, 2006, 08:26:20 AM
And while we wait for her, I can at least tell you that there ARE modern versions of this design around in blue, green and amber.

This is (for me) impossible to identify from pics.
It's the sort of thing that any apprentice anywhere in the world could have made.
They come up regularly on ebay and are usually catalogued as 'English 19th century' but I've no idea that there's any way to distinguish them from other similar products from Boom to Bohemia!

Chemical analysis or lights might yield a little more info, but I doubt it.

I'm dying to know if the expert can say more!
Title: A hyacinth for Ivo
Post by: Lustrousstone on February 27, 2006, 08:19:39 PM
Any thoughts on the first one yet Ivo?

Here's its slightly smaller cousin in a lovely teal/kingfisher blue. Not quite so crudely made but a similar two part mould. Hand-applied top rim, several bubble trails. I just don't think either of these are modern. Click to enlarge

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Title: A hyacinth for Ivo
Post by: Patricia on February 27, 2006, 09:12:56 PM
Christine, I'm totally new on this game, both on the computer and into your forum. I did sent a previous message which obviously you didn't get so here goes again: both glasses date from the 1920s when they appeared from Leerdam but also ended up in British bulb catalogues so they might have been made elsewhere.both are not so hot with collectors as the green one you sold via Germany to me, that one being older then you suspected. The amber one is not a colour the continent goes for, you'll do better on the blue one.
If this message works and you want to know more I'll be happy to give more information. Patricia
Title: A hyacinth for Ivo
Post by: Lustrousstone on February 28, 2006, 07:39:13 AM
Thank you Patricia and welcome to the board. So how old was the other green one please?  :shock:
Title: A hyacinth for Ivo
Post by: Patricia on February 28, 2006, 08:08:01 PM
Christine I will tell you all about your glass after the weekend. I will pick it up in Hamburg where 'Spatzen"will come too and bring it with her.
Went further into my books for the other two you have. Have documentation of Leerdam offering something similer already in 1908 and the very first time I've got  it down for England is 1914. That would make it about Edwardian. There is a big difference between the 2 countries though, the Dutch one has much rounder contours.If ever I get that far I could send pictures but for the time being that is not an option unless Ivo is willing to come around to take these pictures and place them on this board.....Ivo?............IVO?