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Title: Archive ID?: Liskeard Glass - Nearly Knobbly, poss Leerdam?
Post by: Bernard C on March 16, 2004, 12:30:24 AM
Today I approached the stall of one of my regular suppliers, a lady with a good eye for interesting glass, and saw from some distance an obvious example of Whitefriars Knobbly, a chunky medium sized example with the bulbous base, in a good green with a thick casing of clear crystal, similar in shape and size to Jackson plate 154 (iv).

On closer inspection I immediately realised that it was not Whitefriars at all.   The indentations are quite different, trailing away at their lower edges, and with a protruding egg-shape at the bottom of each.   The pontil was finished with an applied blob of crystal, stamped with the trademark "LG" or "LC" with the letters combined, in the same way as the leaping salmon of Strathearn, the combined IOW / flame of Isle of Wight Glass, and the lions / leopards heraldic shield of Guernsey Glass.   The outcome is an attractive high quality production that left me somewhat mystified as to how it was made.

The return of the "G" forms the horizontal stroke of the "L", with the tall vertical stroke intersecting the top of the "G" (or "C").

I have checking Haanstra, Jackson II, and Benson with no luck.   The most obvious possibility is a recent mark of Leerdam Glass, not yet in the reference books, and well known for combining letters to form a logo or trademark.

Anyone ideas of maker, designer, dates and any other information about this attractive art glass?

Bernard C.

And, Nigel, note that I restrained myself from using the now famous Bensonic appellation, despite being sorely tempted.
Title: Archive ID?: Liskeard Glass - Nearly Knobbly, poss Leerdam?
Post by: KevinH on March 16, 2004, 02:43:04 AM
Hi Bernard,

Not sure about this (haven't seen the signature myself in books or on any actual items), but how about Liskeard Glass studio, Cornwall (now Merlin Glass)?

There's a "knobbly" in green shown at the following site:
The page also conveniently shows a Whitefriars "knobbly" below the Liskeard one.
Title: Hmmmm
Post by: Bernard C on March 16, 2004, 07:26:20 AM

Thanks for the link - That picture could be a photograph of my supplier's vase.   I am pleased that you recognised it from my description.

Like you, Kevin, this is new to me, so I remain cautious and would like more evidence.    I prefer the great-glass dates of 1978-83 for Liskeard Studio Glass, as the style of this vase looks inspired by the Whitefriars Knobbly range, which came to an end in 1980 with the closure of the factory at Wealdstone.

I had not seen Jenny Wilson's selling website before.   Most interesting.   I wonder if she knows about this discussion board?

Anyone with further information?

Bernard C.
Title: Definitely unleerdammish
Post by: Ivo on March 16, 2004, 07:32:19 AM
The sig is definitely not from Leerdam. I think liskeard is a fair stab - otherwise you could  :idea: think of JG = Johansfors Glasbruk or :idea:  LG - Lindshammar.  I know that most knobbly looking items were made in Sweden Aseda.
Title: And then there were more ...
Post by: KevinH on March 17, 2004, 01:32:32 AM

No doubt you have probably already checked eBay, but it seems that these "Knobbly" items (with LG mark) might be reasonably common, given that there are two currently available in eBay as I type!

No.  3710707549 ( Ends Mar 18 ) - for this one, the seller gives a full description which also suggests a direct link with the Whitefriars design. Also shows image of the impressed LG mark.

No.  3711661527 ( Ends March 22 )

And in the eBay completed items:
3708801402 (Knobbly ashtray)
Title: ... the story unfolds
Post by: Bernard C on March 17, 2004, 08:18:16 AM

Thanks.   Excellent high quality information from your first eBay reference.   I have emailed the seller, "cheski90" with a request for the source of this information.

At least I can now see how the effect was achieved.   If you replace Ronnie Wilkinson's "S"-shaped tool (Jackson p88) with a tool with a ring at the end it all becomes clear.    This all fits well with the ex-Whitefriars glassmakers, who may have been unwilling to copy old Whitefriars patterns too closely, and introduced new styles to the Liskeard range.

I am always cautious about the word "common", Kevin.   If you have a production of 200 items and only ten collectors, then it will be common.   If you have 400 collectors then it will be extremely rare.   I suspect that Liskeard "knobbly" may come in this first category at present, and may well prove to be an excellent investment at current prices.

I am really enjoying this search for information.    As a spin-off I made a discovery about Sowerby's glassworks which I think is new information and explains a puzzle that I had not resolved about their C20 production.

Bernard C.
Title: Archive ID?: Liskeard Glass - Nearly Knobbly, poss Leerdam?
Post by: Frank on March 24, 2005, 01:49:36 PM
Is Liskeard Glass the agreed attribution or are we still uncertain?
Title: Archive ID?: Liskeard Glass - Nearly Knobbly, poss Leerdam?
Post by: Bernard C on March 24, 2005, 01:59:47 PM
It is, Frank.

Bernard C.  8)
Title: Archive ID?: Liskeard Glass - Nearly Knobbly, poss Leerdam?
Post by: chopin-liszt on March 24, 2005, 02:02:29 PM
:D I'd agree it was Liskeard. (Looking at one just now myself, knobbled with something circular, LG on the base, as described.) Cheers, Sue