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Title: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: mmarc77 on December 20, 2012, 03:45:30 AM
There have been some recent comments about the high prices Ysart weights have been fetching lately and whether they are sustainable.  Many of you have entire Ysart collections (envious :) ) and have accumulated their weights over the years at much lower prices. As a relatively new weight collector I have spent hours searching every site I could find trying to locate Paul Ysart weights to purchase. It is amazingly difficult to locate Ysart's in any condition let alone in pristine condition. From auction sites to retail venues I have been able to locate maybe twenty weights and many are simpler designs such as a single flower.

My goal is to purchase some weights with many complex canes or close packs not lampworks and it has been a difficult chore. I have purchased two concentrics through sites listed at The Paperweight Mall and there have been a few very nice, in my opinion, complex cane weights on Ebay recently but most had issues of one type or another. The current prices may seem a little high to many of you who are familiar with the historical prices but the limited availability of Ysart weights indicates to me that the longer I wait to add Ysart's to my collection the more I am going to have to pay.

I have gone through all the sites at The Paperweight Mall, Ebay, online auctions and search engines to find available Ysart weights concentrics and close packs and if anyone can direct me to any additional venues to purchase from I would appreciate it.
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: Angela B on December 20, 2012, 05:09:13 AM
Hi mmarc77,
Paul Ysart weights have been expensive for a long time, in my view. And I think you are more likely to find affordable ones in "out of the way" places rather than on ebay and such popular places. The really lucky people are those who were his friends in Scotland because he was generous with giving paperweights as "thank you" gifts. May I share a story with you? About seven years ago I was doing some research up near Paul's old Harland glass studio and a number of people met me and brought their paperweights to show me. We were sitting having a cup of tea and admiring a beautiful posy basket in a paperweight and this lady said to me "You can have that one for five hundred pounds". Later, when I was telling the story to a close friend of mine whom I won't name he said "That's the difference between you and I, Angela. At that point I'd have had my cheque book out and been asking her name to write on it".
So you see, I am like you, hoping to find those affordable Paul Ysart paperweights.
Good luck, and do let us know of your successes.
Best regards
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: paperweightrow on December 20, 2012, 11:33:51 AM
Hi mmarc77,
I think you are correct in your assessment, and of course, all collectors and dealers are looking for the "bargain" weight, so no-one is likley to  actually obtain one unless very lucky!

One tip: dont put all your eggs in one basket if you are considering future values....

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Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: mmarc77 on December 20, 2012, 05:21:54 PM
Am happy to report that Alan has already provided me with a beautiful Ysart concentric! Very glad I posted and received responses from Alan and Steve so they now know I am happy to buy nice weights.

Angela, that is a good story and do you now wish you had gotten the checkbook out? :)

Just so my post is not misunderstood, my main point is that it is extremely difficult going through Ebay and the Mall retailers to obtain nice Ysart weights at any price let alone a bargain. I do love a bargain but at this point I am having difficulty finding Ysart weights I like at any price. Hopefully my post will open up access to weights that never hit the shelves.

Good tip Steve on not putting all eggs in one basket. I have been a coin collector for many years and needed a break from coins and paperweights have provided that. I find the history and the many types of weights available to collect fascinating. As many of you know they can cause quite an obsession and there are too many different great artists to focus on just one. Paul Ysart has become one of my favorites though and I would like to build a small collection of his weights while they are still relatively affordable. It is just extremely difficult to quickly acquire the types of Ysart weights I'm looking for through the normal venues due to current limited availability. Since I'm new in this hobby maybe that has been the case for many years but I see many types of Baccarat, Clichy, Saint-Louis and other Scottish weights readily available while the Ysarts are not. My contention is that this bodes well for those holding quality Ysart weights as it will only take a few collectors seeking to acquire Ysart weights to drive the price up even more. Just my two cents which is all it's worth. :)
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: John Smith on December 20, 2012, 06:45:22 PM
Hi mmarc77 & to you all...
Fogive me, but I am unfamiliar with Ysart weights. I'd love to see some pice if you have a link please.
I've had St Louis (in the past) and I also produced one or two of my own  many years ago
(but obviously nothing in comparison) and I can see as to why these glass-types are relatively expensive.
A good paperweight is very challenging to produce. Far more are discarded than being deemed as being perfect. They are incredibly time consuming to make with perfection, the slightest of errors and it's a no-go piece.
Many hours for example can be spent on the cane work, or any other internal decorative,
all of which have to placed with absoloute precision, which is not easy...
Glass compatabilities are also a governing factor in terms of different colour types,
and only once the weight has cooled will any "error" during the making process become apparant.
I do have some truly super-large weights. Larger even than Dumps.
All are clear crystal, with internal bubbles, one of which is as large as a ten-pin bowling ball...
Many thanks for sharing this post with us. Very interest it is too... J
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: Nemmie on December 20, 2012, 06:56:42 PM

Lots of links to pages full of pictures. Run by an esteemed member of the GMB.
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: John Smith on December 20, 2012, 07:39:13 PM
Nemmie, they are sensationally exquisite to me. Thank you.
 I shall be studying your links way beyond Christmas...  ;)
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: John Smith on December 20, 2012, 07:51:46 PM
Nemmie, I also very much admire the modern day paperweights of Paul Joseph Stankard, for example. 
Amazing... I'd sure like to have one! Caithness is also a maker which comes to mind,
in particular their millefiori  pieces,which to me personally are the most wonderful.
Thanks again for the links. J
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: John Smith on December 20, 2012, 08:06:31 PM
.. errrm, am I correct to assume that paperweights are best observed from their bases, rather than the tops, in terms of visual refinement. Canes etc., will apppear more uniform in height, spacing and positioning when viewed in this way, which in turn also indicates quality & skill with their making.
I do know that subtle marks are added by some makers within the very canes themself:
an intitial or another motif for example.
Oh my. this area of glass collecting is surely so diverse and HUGE.
There must be a paperwight for EVERYBODY out there with an interst in glass.
Rather like collecting stamps, coins and or? Am so pleased I found these pages.
It is an education & a revelation to me. J
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: John Smith on December 21, 2012, 12:25:57 AM
ooops... Sorry Anne. I will remember this in furture.
Here is a link to the man I refered to. 
PLEEEEEEZE forgive me.
I was simply trying to point out one example of this persons Art.
I think it amazing... Incredible even. John
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: Antonia on December 21, 2012, 12:46:42 AM
That's a picture of a Paul Stankard paperweight. Oops, I now see that you figured it out. Never mind.
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: tropdevin on December 21, 2012, 12:47:48 PM

Whilst the work of Stankard Studios is very good, I rate Andrew Byers more highly. Here is an image of one of his double sided bouquets - stunning.

Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: Anne on December 21, 2012, 04:45:13 PM
All sorted now John, don't worry. :)
Title: Re: Paul Ysart Weights
Post by: John Smith on December 21, 2012, 05:18:21 PM
Many thanks to you Anne.