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Murano & Italy Glass / Re: New Piece - Who by?
« Last post by ardy on Today at 02:49:47 AM »
Well this piece of AS is wonderful. I have seen it in all lights and it is remarkable how it changes.
A fabulous piece of glass and amazed that I stumbled on it. Never thought Griglia would do it for me.
Glass / Re: Amethyst Cut to clear Hock Wine Glass Maybe Art-Deco??? :)
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 11:57:44 PM »
I think it's possible Val St Lambert did this pattern.
However, I don't know if the green is right, and I'm not great on VSL stuff.  Hopefully Anne might pop by and spot it and be able to help more.

Here is a set apparently by VSL with a similar pattern in the bowl and a teardrop stem.

Your glass is quite distinctive in terms of the star cut foot, the notched stem and the teardrop enclosure in the stem so hopefully you may get a definite id :)

Glass / Re: Beranek handmade vase. Who make this vase ?
« Last post by flying free on Yesterday at 11:45:57 PM »
Welcome to the message board Igor :)

John I think Igor was trying to find out who at Beranek might have made the vase. I had a look around a couple of days ago at the links Jindrich  put on but not been able to find anything near enough to suggest names unfortunately.

Glass / Re: Unknown uranium glass compote, please help ID!
« Last post by mluna99 on Yesterday at 10:29:23 PM »
Bump.  Still have not found anything about this piece.
I read 'Gio' then a 'v' and ending in 'i'
Thanks Anne. It seems to be a  Hofbauer design called Byrdes, but I have not yet found an exact match online.

Some investigation indicates the history of the Byrdes design is complicated.

My piece does not seem to be the high quality lead crystal produced by Hofbauer from the late 1970s to early 1980s. After the Hofbauer factory burned down in the mid-1990s a company called Amaris made the same design for 2-3 years and then Nachtmann made it too, but not to quite the same quality in lead crystal. Apparently, some time later, the Chinese made the same design in glass rather than lead crystal. I think I may have the latter incarnation! But I only paid a fiver, so I am not too put out.

More photos of the labelled Walther Prismen set and details from the listing with measurements, condtion etc.
Way back in 2011, a few months after joining this forum, I came across a trinket set on eBay with original "AWS (August Walther & Sohne) Dresden Glass Foreign" labels attached.

Sadly the set was already sold, but I managed to obtain permission from the seller "Riverbride" aka John to share the photos and info as I believe did Anne at the time. However it seems we both omitted to share this info, so here it is finally.
Glass Trinket Sets / Re: Mystery Set Number 094.
« Last post by Jayne on Yesterday at 06:28:27 PM »
A fabulous piece!

Here is Mystery Trinket Set #94 link for ease of reference.
Glass Trinket Sets / Re: Royal Embassy Ware Czechoslovakia
« Last post by Jayne on Yesterday at 06:20:53 PM »
Interesting, no I've not come across Royal Embassy Ware Czechoslovakia before.

The mystery set you have found the labels on is here - Mystery Trinket Set #113
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