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Glass wheelbarrows

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Thank you  :)

Bernard C:
Cheryl, Lea & Christine — Here's my list of antique English pressed "wheels":
* Burtles Tate Motor Car
* Davidson wheeled boat
* Greener chariot
* Greener wheelbarrow (2? sizes)
* Heppel coal truck (2 sizes)
* ??? small coal truck (I don't think that it is possible to be certain which of the two small coal trucks is the Heppel version, although both could be.)
Have I missed any?

Bernard C.  8)

mrs vulture:
Looks like this could be the start of yet another collection for me!!     ;D     cheryl

Bernard, you have inspired me to add to the 'wheeled' photo gallery, albeit, these are American.

The maker is unknown on the big one.  The little one was made by Adams & Co., and is known in blue, clear, frosted clear, amber and canary/vaseline.  (I have the little ones in amber and vaseline).

Big wheelbarrow:
height 3 inches (9 cm)
width 5 5/8" (14.3 cm)
length (from front edge of wheel to back of handle): 9 1/2" (24.4 cm)

Adams little wheelbarrow:
height: 1 7/8"  (4.7 cm)
width: 2" (5 cm)
length (wheel to handle): 4" (10.2 cm)

wheels on both are pewter

The little one also came in a size comparable to the big one, but so far, has only been found in clear.

The last time I saw any of the little versions sold was at a Green Valley auction.  A blue and clear were sold as a pair and they went for (I think) about $250 US for the pair.  The blue version in that sale is the only one I have seen in that color.  I have seen 2 or 3 amber versions and maybe 5 or 6 clear versions.  They really are tough to find.

I only have heard of a total (among other collectors who have said they have one) of 3 vaseline glass versions on the little ones.  Mine is the only one that has surfaced on ebay (and that was 8 years ago) and it cost me $320. 

The large daisy and button wheelbarrow trades (in vaseline/canary) for $150-200.  Other colors a bit less. 

the style of the two feet, the pewter wheels, the undercarriage, etc, on both of them are strikingly similar.  IF the large one is ever found in a catalog, my guess it will also end up being made by Adams.  The one unusual feature about the daisy and button pattern is that the buttons have a daisy pattern on top of each button!

Dave Peterson
aka: Mr. Vaseline Glass

Bernard C:

--- Quote from: mrvaselineglass ---...   IF the large one is ever found in a catalog, my guess it will also end up being made by Adams.   ...
--- End quote ---

Dave — I see what you mean — same designer and mouldmaker.

... and wheels that go round is rather innovative, don't you think?   Is nothing sacred!   Whatever next — Andy Pandy and The Flowerpot Men without strings?   No, it could never happen.

Bernard C.  8)


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