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Czech label has me stumped

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Paul ADK:
Does anyone know what company in the Czech Republic is putting out art glass who's labels appear as follows:

             Handmade in
         the Czech Republic
             Glass Artisans
              since 1440

Paul ADK

Only the Chribska glass works has a history to the 15th century and their label is a boat with what look like four masts saying 1414.....
if not then all else is a marketing ploy. Item and label images, please Paul, they would help......

Paul ADK:

I have posted photos of the two items we purchased along with a thrid vase who's label reads simply "Hand Crafted by European Artisans."  The album with the Czech glass is the one with the yellow vase.  I'm sorry to say it proved impossible to get a clear shot of the labels.  They are just black lettering on a clear adheasive sticker.

Again, any input as to possible manufacturer(s) will be greatly appreciated.


Evidently these particular "Glass Artisans" lack a collective name !!!  Some labels seem designed to mislead rather than inform but perhaps this particular factory was in the process of being re-privatised at the time. Well that's the kindest explanation I can come up with.

Trying to esablish a maker on the basis of such an ancient establishment date claim is not easy. Getting accurate dates around this time seems difficult and contentious; a time when there were wars, crusades and rebelions going on. We can only say who it isn't at this stage.
This site confirms the 1414 date for Chřibsk√° which also notes that that date as being deduced rather than documented.

Beranek claim a history only back to the late 30's; Moser 1857; Rudolfova hut glassworks (Inwald) 1885. Inwald itself was originally a Swedish firm.

This history for Bohemia-Crystalex is rather vague and short on precise dates but nothing claimed for it or its predecessors further back than the "18th and 19th centuries".

What is significant here is the Czech Republic part which we have been taking as post '89 (Velvet Revolution) and while it's true that the country was renamed as Czech and Slovak Federal Republic shortly after (April 1990) the Velvet Divorce, officially separating Czech and Sovakian Republics didn't happen until January 1993.

So it's unclear from this exactly when Czech Republic labels would have come into use.

Paul ADK:
Peter:  I guess I will have to settle for generic Czech.  As for the age, if I were to make a guess, I would say closer to 2002 than 1992 as there is virtually no wear on the base of either item.

Thanks again.


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