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Can anyone tell me an easy way to tell lead crystal glass from regular glass?

David E:
Welcome to GMB.

Weight is one of the first indicators! 8)

Sometimes it has a very, very light grey tinge - barely detectable. I believe 24% is the minimum acceptable quantity to properly qualify it as "lead crystal", but many companies would add much more than this. Not sure what the top limit is, but 35%, perhaps?

David E:
An addendum. 24% is the minimum level, as suggested, and Ivo's book (Glass Fact File A-Z, Miller's) mentions 65% content for glass used as radiation shielding.

Memo to oneself - always consult Ivo's book first. ;D

33% always used to be the UK "full lead crystal" norm, with the 24% used on the Continent rather disdainfully called "semi-crystal".  All figures are expressed as the oxide, PbO.

I have seen 92% reported, with a density the same as cast iron.  Specialised optical use, I believe, and I think has a brownish tint - not very attractive no doubt!

Adam D.

Hi,  Another way to tell is by " pinging it "  ...........  Vases , bowls and drinking glasses have a sustained bell like ring.
 Regards Patrick


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