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Loetz Oceanik Wellenoptisch Vase

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I have a vase which I believe is a Loetz Oceanik Wellenoptisch vase.

Here is my vase .

Here is a website which shows the same vase at least to my untrained eyes. (Although I think my pics are better)  :lol:

I recently received one of those anonymous e-mails which said -" that is not Loetz."  I thanked them for the info and asked for details and of course, they never responded.

So am I wrong?  If so, what are the distiguishing features?

It certainly looks like the one on that site - but I do not know enough about Lötz to see any inconsistency. Very interesting link though!

It maybe just the difference in the angles but Connie's one appears to have a shorter neck than the other one. Could this be a variation of being hand-made? Otherwise the body of both looks the same to my (also untrained!)  eyes.

I love the colour of yours Connie - I'm very partial to green glass like this.

Adam A:
Reason for height difference is that the rim of Connie's vase has been ground down. The one on the Loetz website seems to have a hand sheared fire-polished rim, as one would expect. This means that if Connie's is Loetz it has possibly been damaged at some stage and then ground down. I am not commenting on whether or not it is Loetz as this is not my field of expertise. Posted in a rush!

Why not ask David, his email is on the first page of that website. Better still invite him to respond on this thread...


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