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Butterfly And Berry Carnival Glass


Tony H:
Can anyone tell me about Fenton Butterfly and Berry. Glen, your book says alternate panals of a butterfly and berry,  I have looked at Dave Doty web site, this is the same, a lidded sugar from the table set, has the ball a claw feet and lid has a ball and claw handle but the pattern is two panals of butterfly one of berry 9 panals in all, What can you tell me about this piece, many thanks for any help.

Kind regard
Tony H in NZ

This is where I soooo wish that the old message board was accessible. A similar question to this was posed some months ago, and I gave a full answer then.

On most of the Fenton Butterfly & Berry pieces, the panels show the butterfly and the berry motifs alternately. However, as far as I am aware, on just two shapes (the creamer and the covered sugar) there are two butterfly panels and then one berry panel.

If you have the book "Fenton the first 25 years" by Heacock, you can see on p 119, an original Fenton ad for various shapes in this pattern. It is possible to see that the creamer and the covered sugar have the double butterfly panels.

Glen many thanks for your help ( I will keep my day job!!!)

Kind regards Tony H In NZ

PS if you look at my photo album I found another piece BRITISH MAKE do not know pattern

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