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Does anyone know what this is?

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Dear All,
Can anyone identify this small glass bowl (about 10cm diam). The body is in clear glass, with the colours marvered on. The pontil has been roughly ground out.
Thanks for your help,
Kevin Davies

Not Monart, likely European... German, French or Bohemian.

Oooh ... now that's interesting ...

I agree that the base finish does not look like Monart but the "holed-orange" and the grey-white powdered stripes (20 ribs) are very much like a couple of early Vasart or maybe pre-war Monart (Salvador most likely) paperweights I have.

I'll add some pics soon, but need to pop out for a few hours first. More later.

Corrected in blue as per later message (Moderator)

Monart certainly used this type of white stripe but usually heavily iridised and appear darker, but the bowl has no catalogue match and does not feel Monart to me. The shaping apart from not matching any catalogue shape, the foot style is not frequently found in Monart.

I played around with the colours and after white balancing it is more orange but does still not look like a Monart colour.

Hi, I'm back.

In my earlier response, I missed the word "not" as in it should have been "does not look like Monart".

Anyway, here's a temporary page I have put together showing various views of what I was tryng to say (but of course with my customary ifs and buts):

I think it is interesting to compare the orange colours and also the way the white stripes in the bowl have a similar apparent "edging" as seen in my weight with the "grey" stripes.

I have commented in my page about the problems with colour comparisons of web-based photos (see also our discussions in another thread in this Board - wherever it is). However, to my eyes, the working and colouring of the white in the bowl seems to be very much like that in my weights - even with the variations in hue.

The fact that the bowl has a rough ground pontil area does cause doubt over a usual Monart and maybe even Vasart attribution. But with the paperweights, there are a range of finishes to the pontil area from rough ground to perfectly smooth.

I have the feeling that the bowl could well be a Vasart piece from the 1946 to 1955 period but with a finish to the pontil area that is more consistent with the paperweights than the other items.

I would not normally say this in a public Message Board, but if the bowl is for sale, I would like first refusal. It would fit very well with my planned talk at the "Perth Event".  :) If it is not for sale, is there a chance that I could check it out in person? My email address is shown in my profile on this Board.


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