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Does anyone know what this is?

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Interesting points Kevin.

The striping would have been achieved by blowing a dip mould after marvering which causes the edge effects - I have seen similar stripes in some continental glass.

Now the possibility of Vasart did cross my mind too, but I considered it less likely. This might explain the colour differences and a continental type of foot finish was used by Vasart where they followed their own instincts. Certainly Salvador declared at the start that they would not use Monart shapes - of course there are exceptions to that, but they are mostly the more classic shapes that many glassworks used.

In Monart and Vasart a totally flat base does result in the need to completely remove the button and does explain why the stripes are removed at the centre of the base. The stripes are on the surface. The matching number of stripes is a result of the same dip mould being used. Would the Ysart's have owned their tools, likely, but I am not so sure about moulds which at Moncrieff would have been made in house. It depends on the relationship that Salvador had with Moncrieff's and I do not know what that relationship was like when he left to set up on his own.  I suspect not very warm as he was setting up shop just down the road and thus less likely to allow him to keep such items but not impossible. If not were they able to afford their own in Post-War Scotland, probably. Certainly there are plenty of striped pieces of glassware from the early Vasart period.

Base type 5 here is Vsart and shows well the quality of grinding that could be achieved with their limited equipment. Certainly they had a grinder from the start and most of the grinding would have been done by Joe Dickson - thus should exhibit consistency.

Kevin - can you take another shot of the base that shows the grinding up.

Finally, I am seeing a lot of very unusual pieces of Vasart that I never suspected to exist 15 years ago - I hope to catch up on the backlog of Vasart for the site soon, certainly before August. One item of Vasart is arguably one of the best ever pieces - it will feature as a Pin-up. Perhaps this one will prove Vasart but I would be interested to hear alternative possibilities.


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