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My favourite piece of Monart Glass



Monart shape WC in bubbled stripe decoration. This was one of the first pieces of Monart that I acquired and it suffers from a large crack, not visible here. It has always remained my favourite because, for me, it works to perfection. The shape and balance are superb.

This is not the rarest colouring/decoration and I have had numerous examples of it over the years. The shape is relatively scarce but not extremely scarce. Because of the crack I have always wanted to replace it and I probably had half a dozen WC in this colouring. Yet only this one remains. Every single example that I found failed to please me enough to replace this one. It is not something I can really put my fingers on - each of the other pieces, while perfect, did not work. Variation in shape and balance of the whole simply did not work as well as this one piece!

I have owned some of the very best of Monart over the years but eventually let most go. This one just remains and may well be the last piece of Ysart glass I own - for me, the absolute best of all time.


  :o Frank, I wouldn't disagree with that!    :o

Thanks for sharing it with us.


Awww Frank.  I'm still beginning to realise...we see glass with our hearts! (oh dear, that sounds sooo lame) and we love it despite of, and for its imperfections.  In fact, its imperfections make it dearer to us.

Looks like a very desirable piece of glass you have there.   :) x

Frank that is truly beautiful. Many of the Monart/Vasart/Ysart colours/patterns don't appeal to me but this one certainly does. I think this and the really nice lamp on your site I asked you about a while ago are the ones I have seen I like the best.


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