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Glass Creamer : ID=Molyneaux and Webb


Tony H:
Here is a link to a glass creamer, can anyone help with ID? I think it may be English, has a look of Edward Moore.
It is 4 & 3/4" high and 5" across spout to handle.

Tony H

Bernard C:
Tony — new to me.

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Tony,
It is Molineaux and Webb, I have a small butter dish, a tazza and plate in the same pattern with a regstration lozenge with the date 24 January 1871.
Hope that this helps :)

Bernard C:
Tony & Nicola,

As I said it is a new pattern to me, although Thompson does list it as a cream jug.

M&W always put the registration lozenge on their glass.   If it is not centrally on the inside base, then it will be on the inside, roughly level with the bottom end of the handle, and not at all easy to find or read.   You get the same problem with their cruets and pickles.

It is always worth checking both M&W and PV for the correct lozenge.   I have had two instances of Manchester where the wrong plunger was used.   For example the plungers for the two M&W comports of 13 and 31 January 1868 were interchangeable, and I had one with the other lozenge.   It adds interest and, in my case, a small premium to the price!

Bernard C.  8)

Tony H:
Hi Nicola
Thank you for your help, any chance of a photo of your piece's, I like the Web site, keep it up.

You are correct I had a good feel around the inside of creamer, and I can feel what could be the Reg Diamond just to one side of handle, but as you say very hard to see.

Tony H.


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