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Two more UK pavement lights


Here's the Hayward Brothers pavement light I just received (from Canada!), it's lens No. 22:

As usual, it's photographed upside-down.  The flat side is on top, to be trod upon.  They usually appear on sales tables in this orientation, which is the way they sit best.  Usually sold as paperweights, as this was.

It appears to be a variation on their first design, Patent 1871/2014, and is quite different than Bernard's.

And this is the St. Pancras light (traded here in the US):

Keep an eye out for these things & send them to me!


Ian, I think I've found one on eBay - I have sent you details by e-mail.


--- Quote from: "Anne" ---I think I've found one on eBay - I have sent you details by e-mail.
--- End quote ---

A thousand thanks to Our Anne for spotting this one.  It's mine now, twas a steal, here's a picture:

It's in nearly perfect unused condition and embossed "I.P.L. Co.  Rd No 48677".  It was made by a company that was unknown to me, the Improved Pavement Light Company Ltd.  There's still so much to learn.  I am an egg.

Where's the smiley for kissing??


Delighted it was what you were looking for Ian, and that you succeeded in winning it. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more for you. 8)

(BTW no kissing smilie - have to blow one instead - otherwise folks will talk!!!  :lol: )


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