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caithness paul ysart weight

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well i got this one for a snip on ebay the description was next to nothing, i thought it was something else until it arrived today, looked on the base it's signed PY C11G  a second or a prototype? because I've not seen one of these by Caithness, it's made up of  cane's bit's and also it has some gold and copper aventurine ,  with 6 indentations with a bubble in the center , it has a flat highly polished base and measures 2.5" high and 2.75" across, it has a cane which i have not seen before in Caithness or any Scottish weight before , it only can be seen on the inside..marked as this one

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[Mod: As at Aug 2011, none of the original photobucket images showed the correct item, but some showed genuine, personal photos. Hence, all the links have now been deleted.]

Clearly a fake set of marks!

hi Frank

what make's you say that? but it had crossed my mind, but why would someone mark it as C11G?

Well, CIIG is used as a second mark. There are no PY seconds. Nobody at Caithness would make such a mess of it either :-)

It looks like they tried to copy the PY sig on my site but were to unused to the tool to stop and start it in the right place - or just as likely too stupid to be able to copy well.

it's scratched signed Frank, i know that Caithness did scratch sign the 2nd's in the early years, put all that a side, is it a caithness? i'm sure there is some ysart canes in there but we will need Kevin to comment on them, what do you think of the odd cane in the 1st photo?, i dont think it's Scottish


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