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Murano 101: Murano Labels!!!

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Thanks Javier
Great pics. But in the ones where the maker is named there's not much guessing to be done. Are there any which don't say the name of the maker but which are associated with a particular company ?

Ventian / Murano
Does Venetian necessarily mean Murano ?
With the Barbini one you show it would seem so ...unless Barbini has production facilities off Murano they ?

Anyone know anything about the Yellow Scroll label ?

Hello Peter,
Most times the labels are worn down and some are just partially there, so I thought it was good to have the actual labels presented here. I have been able to buy many pieces in the past by just seeing what the partial labels look like, their shapes, and recignizing who they are from. I really dont think we should limit ourselves on the labels posted here, as they can help many of us. I'll be posting more labels later on...

On the yellow scroll label, I really do not know it, and havent seen it before. Hope someone else has some info on it for you.


On the alabastre glass, I've also got a great Seguso vase in it pictured below with the same labels as the pheasant. Very Scandinavian in design and most unlike Seguso in shape.


David E:
Hi all,

A bit late joining this thread - very busy.

Following are a couple of labels from Barovier & Toso that can be reliably dated to 1973 – these 'weights have a central cane with the date!  :D

Click either image for more detail. I have more labels that I'll post later.

Javier, it did occur to me that some of these posted images are on TinyPic or PhotoBucket which only have a limited life (these included): could I suggest they are all saved and plonked on someone's server as permanent reminders? I don't mind handling them, if required.

Here are a few other interesting labels...

This 2 are from an Avem piece. I really like the silver label, very intricate.

This one came from what I think is a Barovier piece.

And this one, which I believe is an earlier version of the Seguso scalloped label, with an Italic "y." I would very much like to have any info on this one, if someone else knows the time period when it was used.


Thanks for bringing it to our attention that the images from TinyPic and PhotoBucket have a "limited" life. I will try and gather them together and put a special page later on where they can be looked at.
For now I would really want them to be posted here.
Thanks again!


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