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Identify the 37 glassworks existing in 1696 in England and Wales

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John Brand History & Antiquities of Newcastle, 1789. Page 46.

--- Quote ---July 23rd, 1694, a glass-house appears to have been erected at Haining-Shore, now called the Bill-Key
--- End quote ---

I was reading that earlier today!  ;D

Jason, welcome to the board. Your knowledge will be most welcome.

I've also just read this in the back of "The Glass Industry of Tyne and Wear.  Part 1: Glassmaking on Wearside"

--- Quote ---c. 1696
Company of Glass Owners of Sunderland formed.  A syndicate of ten. Owned glass houses at Ayres Quay, Suddick (i.e. Southwick) and the "Panns", Bishopwearmouth.  All these are shown on Burleigh and Thompson's map for 1737. 
Said to be the oldest bottle house on the river, although the Late J.W. Corder, Sunderland Antiqurian, thinks that Southwick was earlier.
--- End quote ---

It would make sense that they formed in 1696 with all the hoo-ha going on with the taxes.

The Newcastle glasshouses wrote a joint petition to parliament at the time.  Although I found reference to the petition I haven't been able to track down a copy.  It would be nice to think that the names of the manufacturers are included in it though.


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