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Identify Stourbridge works and people...

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The pictures in a book I have just digitised are anonymous but are of various (probably) Stourbridge area glassworks that hand-blown lead crystal and existed in 1946 - which means only 8 candidates. The pictures are all Crown Copyright, I have a licenses to put them in the Glass-Study, and all were taken by the Central Office of Information.

It would be great if we can ID the locations, people and maybe glass designs therein, the pages will be annotated with credit given.)
I will keep this page available as a sample of Glass-Study contents.

Coo that was fast work Frank  :clap: :clap:

 :) Started Monday and I hope to get the last parts up this afternoon/evening Christine.

I thought I put the link in!

Here it is:

Bernard C:
Thanks for the link, Frank.   I'd thought that I was missing something obvious, so was reluctant to say anything to make myself look even more stupid than usual!

I can't see your glassworks remaining anonymous for long with that wealth of information.

Bernard C.  8)


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