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Identify Stourbridge works and people...

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simon bruntnell:
There's two site here Webbs and Stuarts the big furnace is now a theatre and display hall housing the IFG 2004 I will ask Brian Mason to have a look at the people. The one room is my studio in your shots I think

Tony H:
Very intersting topic, I was very surprised and pleased to see in the link you gave, a vase which I have seen in a Antique shop not far from were I live, I took a trip to this shop today and it was my lucky day, the vase was still there, I know the shop owner quite will so I was able to have a good look at the vase, it is a wonderful piece, I forgot to measure it but I would say it is about 12" high by 6" diameter at the top, and it is signed, H Cook No 72.

Now the question who is/was H Cook and was this a limited edtion of, how many? and who was the glass firm?

Here are two photos, the one of the base shows the signiture double as the base acted like a mirror

Tony H:
Hi just a bump as this topic had gone to page 2, have you read my post was it of any help?

Hi Tony, a bit too stressed out to reply to everything at the mo. But very well spotted, did you buy it?

I was hoping that someone would ID the vase... is it a Webb, Stuart, Harbridge etc. Getting info on the cutter would be interesting too.

And Simon can you relate your pictures to those in the book (link) please.

Tony H:
Hi at this time I do not know who made this piece as the only mark is of H Cook No 72, my first choice would be Stuart, I will see what info I can find, I have done some searching but no luck at the moment.

I did not buy this piece, would love to but the asking price is NZ$550 which is a bit more that can spare at the moment


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