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Brown glass Javex Bottle -- Maybe Dominion Glass ??

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Hi, I just purchased this at a thrift store for .49 cents.  I think it might be dominion glass with the D in the triangle, but not sure, and can anyone tell the age of this at all....I sure do not remember these -- so before my time (or not ??).  TIA for any answers.  Was dominion glass just Canada?  Also, what do all the marks mean on the base, like how do you read it.  It seems to be in really good condition.  Do you put these kind of marks at all in the gallery?  Thanks again.  ;)

DOMINION GLASS CO., LTD. Factory lo­cations: Montreal, Que.; Hamilton, Ont.; Wallaceburg, Ont.; Redcliff, Alta. LaMonte J. Belnap, president; I. R. Macdonald, sales manager. Sales offices: I. R. Mac­donald, Montreal, Que. (UN 4861); R. W. Dixon, Toronto, Ont. (Lakeside 4481); G. M. Harris, Hamilton, Ont. (Hamilton 4-2837); L. N. Ayres, Wallaceburg, Ont. (Tel. 670); E. A. Jepson, Winnipeg, Man. (Tel. 27243); N. W. Meldrum, Redcliff. Alta. (Tel. 260); W. A. Dobson, Van­couver, B. C. (Marine 0451). Pressed ta­bleware, blown tableware, tumblers, col­ored glassware, bar and liquor glassware illuminating glassware, opalware, novelties and specialties, private mould work.

from 1951 trade directory. courtesy the Glass-Study

Javex was probably a customer of theirs. Rest are mould marks.

David E:
Photo of a different style here.

Thanks David E...

I guess the .49 cents I paid for it was

So does anywhere on the bottom tell what year it was from?  Or do you know?  TIA


This was made at the Dominion Glass Redcliff factory in September/October of either 1950 or 1960.


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