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United Glass Bottle Co bowl query...

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I'm curious about this auction piece... the seller is listing it as ?Bagley? but it has a reg no on it.. RD 810280, which in the blue book, is shown as United Glass Bottle Company. 26/2/36.

I have two questions if anyone can help please?

1. Would this have been sold with something in it? e.g. jam. pickles, whatever, as it's made by a bottle co?

2. Did they make a large range of glassware other than just bottles (and this type of "bowl")?

Any info more than welcome, thanks. ;)

Bernard C:
Anne — it is the only item made by UGB that I know of that is not a utilitarian bottle or jar.   Anything more than that would be guesswork.   I can't see how it fits in with their mainstream product range.  Perhaps it was a special for a large or favoured client.

I think alternate panels are identical, indicating a plaster model from which the mould sections were cast, perhaps indicating a mainland European mouldmaker.

Anyway, as I said, no-one really knows.

Bernard C.  8)

Bernard, thank you. So it's a puzzler then. I like the shape of it though.


Didn't United Glass Bottle Manufacturers Ltd own Sherdley Glass who later formed Ravenhead Glass ?


Bernard C:
Chris — thanks for putting me right.

Jackson tells us that UGB Sherdley made the Kingfisher bowl, pattern P262, in flint and dark amber until 1948, on one of two American machines installed in 1931 devoted to making pressed glass tableware.   Probably the best known pattern made on these new machines was Ripple (jug P370, tumbler P417), made 1938–48.

Ravenhead Glass was formed from the newer of the two UGB glassworks near Ravenhead Colliery.   All in all, UGB comprised some half dozen glassworks on Merseyside.

I couldn't have been more wrong previously!

Bernard C.  8)


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