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ADMIN: New forum structure for Resolved Questions & Countries


After much thought the Committee and Mod team have implemented a new way of handling the ever-increasing number of identified items topics on the Glass forum.  At over 100,000 posts it was felt that some better way was needed to manage these, so the result is as follows:

Glass - the last 6 months queries (this is the current GLASS forum)

    * Unresolved Glass Queries - queries over 6 months old (this is the current Unresolved sub-forum)
    * Resolved Glass Queries  - items that have been identified but for which we do not have an existing discussion forum

This should make it much easier to browse topics.

Some Questions...

What does it mean for members?
It means that instead of browsing through hundreds of pages of topics for an item you recalled was identified as, e.g. Czech, you go straight to the Czech forum and look for it there.

Can members post new topics in the country forums?
Yes, if you are sure your item is from that country, i.e. labelled, marked, or a known design. The Resolved and Unresolved sub-forums will be reply-only forums.

What about other countries for which we have identified items?
Currently they will be moved into the Resolved Glass Queries forum but if we find that there are a large number from a particular country then a new country forum will be added to the list and the relevant topics moved across.  We are doing it in phases as we don't yet know how many identified topics we have for some countries, so we've started with the ones we are aware have lots of topics already. If you feel a particular country needs a new forum, please do ask for Committee to consider it.

As part of the moving over process we are also identifying those topics which have lost images and requesting their reinstatement, and removing those which point to dead auctions and missing image links posted by long-gone and untraceable Guest posters. It will take the Mod team some time to complete the task so please be patient whilst it's done. :)

If anyone has questions about how it will work please ask in Cafe.

Czech & Bohemia resolved and USA resolved have now been made into full forums showing on the board index. Please use these for discussing identified items or for questions about glass from either area. Queries posted into Glass which are subsequently identified as B&C or USA will me moved over by Moderators in due course. You don't need to ask us or remind us to do this as it's done as and when Mods have free time to do it.  Thanks!


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