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Green glass lidded pot / sugar bowl (not uranium) - ID = Sindorf Neckar

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Way back when in Oct 2005, Ivo posted some pieces in a Dalian/Nason lookalike topic - one of which was a Nason pressed glass powder bowl and lid in black/aventurine as seen here:,2811.msg21379.html#msg21379

I'd forgotten all about this until today when shifting topics around (again!) I found it and realised that the pressed pot appears to be the exact same shape as one of my mystery powder bowls! See attached.

There's no marks/labels or anything on my pot, and I really hadn't known that Nason made pressed glass either, so I'm now wondering if my green pot is also Nason? And if anyone knows any more about Nason pressed glass production please?

An update: on exploring again at Pamela's Pressglas-Pavillon website, I found the same shape bowl attributed to Sindorf, which sounds much more likely for mine too.

Sindorf was an absolutely great find of SG - Thank you, Mr. Grieger for this!  Nearly 20 items could have been attributed right away! :hiclp:

Go to and the new link at the left: Sindorf
Sincerely hope you will be equally successful as I was  :chky:

I have several reference photos for trinket sets identified as German Sindorf Neckar sets. The lidded pots are usually the most identifiable pieces, and accord with those on Anne’s and Pamela’s sites. I have photos showing pieces in clear blue, clear peachy pink, frosted pink and frosted uranium green (so, because of the green uranium glass, I suspect that the sets originate in the mid- to late 1930s). Only one set has a candlestick, and that may possibly be a mismatched piece.

Initially, all the trays were a similar oval shape as in my first photo (© bazza131313).

Now, I have come across a trinket set where the pots are (in my view anyway) the same shape as the ‘usual’ Sindorf Neckar pots, but the colourway is most unusual – a clear body but with the highlights picked out in a pale turquoise-blue colour. This time, however, the pots are complemented by a tray that is rectangular (though in similar overall style to the oval trays I had seen previously), and a pair of rather elegant candlesticks  - the tray and the candlesticks are also clear with their highlights picked out in the turquoise-blue colour, so I presume they must be all part of a matching set. (Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by denchris3027).

The candlesticks with the turquoise-blue set are in the same pattern as a candlestick I have had in my ‘unknown’ file for a while – but this time the body of the candlestick is clear with the highlights picked out in emerald green. (Permission for the re-use of this image on the GMB granted by max_mild).

I suspect that the sets with coloured highlights are (later?) variants of the ‘usual’ Sindorf Neckar sets. Does anyone have catalogue (or other) confirmation that the sets with the coloured highlights are by Sindorf and that the pattern is indeed Neckar?



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