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Green glass lidded pot / sugar bowl (not uranium) - ID = Sindorf Neckar

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The GTS Mystery set 82 is Sindorf Neckar.

GTS German Sindorf Neckar Link

I'm still not 100% certain of Mystery #82 as Neckar, as the green frosted and pink frosted ones appear to have a groove along the ridges of the pots. My Neckar pot doesn't have such a ridge, neither do the other unfrosted ones in the pics, nor the enamelled ones.   

Oh that's interesting Anne, I'll have to study these a bit more.

I don't know if this helps or makes anything any clearer.   A couple of pictures of the part set I have in frosted Uranium green with a candlestick.  I bought what is shown plus another small lidded bowl, all sold together as a set. 

Oh yes, thank you that helps enormously as I can see the how the powder pot differs from mine. I'll add a pic of mine here so you can see what I mean... on the lid each panel is smooth down to the rim and there is no ridge between the panels


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