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Old amber pressed glass lemonade jug & glasses. ID = Sowerby 2550 water set

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Anne E.B.:
Just returned from Falmouth in Cornwall where I bought this lovely lemonade(?) set.  Normally I avoid amber glass :x   like the plague, but couldn't resist buying this set, plus another piece of amber glass.  It must have been all those pasties and pints of Doom Bar!!! :roll:

I was told by the seller that it was a wedding present to her husband's grandmother when she married.  The seller was about 60-ish, and working back maybe 20 years for each generation, I reckon it could be 80/90 years old or thereabouts. (might even be older?)   It seems such a shame to sell something with such a family connection, but I guess needs must...

I am not sure how to describe it, but the cut-glass jug which is 7" high, has a swag type pattern with a pedestal(?) star cut  base.  The top is fluted.  Looking in my Lyle Pocket Guide, I would guess it is neo-classical design but perhaps someone can confirm.

Its always great to have a little personal history attached to pieces of glass, but can anyone help date the set.  I am only guessing that it is for lemonade.  Could it have been made by Webb or one of the other English glass makers?  Falmouth has a long seafaring history, so there is always the possibility that it was brought home from overseas.

Many thanks - Anne E.B. :lol:

I am sure you will get a more precise answer from someone better versed in  pressed glass, but at the drop of a hat I would say 1930s.

It's a Sowerby item. It's their number 2550 water set. From their advertising, I can tell you the set came boxed.


edited to add date - circa late 1930s (possibly 1935 or 1936)

Anne E.B.:
Many thanks Ivo and Glen for your help.  Much appreciated.
Regards -  :) Anne E.B.

Anne, if you have a moment, could you contact me through my website?

Many thanks.



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