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Wobbly Ysart paperweight ID - help please Kev H!

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I found this paperweight for sale, and wondered whether it was Paul Ysart or not. I love the description 'wobbly', though I am not sure what it refers to.


A lot of these badge weights have a very rough and proud pontil scar and no relation to Paul Ysart, Kevin recently discussed these in another thread here...,20728.0.html

I have great difficulty in deciding anything about many of these badge weights. Base finishes with a proud / wobbly pontil area seem to be quite common. In the past, I would have said these were not by Paul Ysart simply because of the way the base was finished. My feeling is that "wobbly" pontil lumps were more common on "German" gift-type weights - since I have seen similar finishes on large weights that have been said to be "German" (or late "Bohemian").

But I am now not so sure of that any more. Or of anything when it comes to badge weights ::)

It would be great if somebody could provide definite information on the charateristics of these weights by other known makers.

Are there samples of known PY badge weights? Ones that we can be pretty sure of the attribution?

I keep hoping to find one with a cane or even parts of a cane that can be said to be scottish - time will tell I guess  :)

Maybe the color schemes may indicate a country of origin - I see pedestaled weights sold from Belgium from time
to time on ebay that appear to use a pastel/pink/white scheme - some with decorations to indicate a
french speaking origin.  Can't find any right now tho.


--- Quote ---Are there samples of known PY badge weights?
--- End quote ---
I don't know of any that can be 100%, beyond any doubt, attributed to Paul Ysart! Can anyone reading this (a dealer, perhaps) confirm otherwise?

However, I have a stemmed and footed version and the shape of the foot and stem does look quite like that on a confirmed Paul Ysart weight that I have seen in literature somewhere. Can't think where that is though, right now. But similar stems and feet, without particular features, may appear on items from various makers.


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