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Langenscheidt Measurements and Weights


Mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Langenscheidt Verlags:
Courtesy of Langenscheidt Verlag:
Thank you, Frau Höffgen! (Vertriebs-Services Munich/Germany)

Anne, if you do think it is of no more interest, of course remove  ;)

French-German and v v 1971 edition
English-German and v v 1972 edition

both copyrights (copyleft for this thread): Langenscheidt Verlag

That's great, Pamela!  You went right to the source and got permission to post the pages! :)  Well done.

Danke Kristi - always the best way in my opinion ;D

Great news Pamela, and thank you for following up and reposting these for us. 


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