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Amber Glass Vase - ID = Webb

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This beauty came in a job lot I bid for at an auction and stands a little ovr 8 inches tall with a 7 inch top diameter.
It has both inner and outer protuberances - is the correct term prunts? - and has the most beautiful and clear ringing tone when gently tapped.
The base is complete with sunken, polished pontil.
It is going to have pride of place on my Victorian Walnut what-not but would like to know what it is. Can anyone please help?
Thanks, in anticipation

David E:
It does look a bit like a Webb 'Bullseye' vase, however these are normally acid-etched on the base with the name - can you see anything there? Also, Webb's glass often has a ground and polished concave pontil, very much like Whitefriars.

The Bullseye pattern normally came in Amber or clear, but sometimes in green.

It looks a lot like Webb's SUNSHINE AMBER color and I know that the factory made glass in that style.  I also know that the Sunshine Amber glows a bright green under a UV blacklight, due to the uranium oxide used in the glass formula.  The rim also looks like there might be a hint of green in the glass.  check it out with a UV blacklight and let us know.  Most of the Webb that was in this style has an acid etched mark on the underside, but I suspect some were made without it.

Dave Peterson

Thanks to all the replies.
The pontil is polished concave and though I haven't tried it under UV blacklight I noticed quite strikingly that when I placed it on the window ledge to photograph in the sunlight, it literally glowed green.
Guess what! Very close scrutiny with magnifying glass has revealed a faint acid etched mark - a circle composed of MADE IN ENGLAND with Webb inside - the 1935 - 1949 mark. I never would have noticed that without your guidance.
Very impressive identification and thank you all so much. The amber glass is such a beautiful colour and I have never heard such a sweet ringing tone as this. I collect Scottish glass but will be holding on to this piece - it's lovely.

David E:

--- Quote ---It looks a lot like Webb's SUNSHINE AMBER color
--- End quote ---

Dave, thanks for added that – something I'd missed. I have a few pieces of Webb Bullseye, but only in clear and amber. The green is quite scarce and also probably uranium glass.

John, if it does glow under a UV light then it is quite scarce as much of the Bullseye glass would appear to have been made in amber but not, as Dave notes, in SUNSHINE AMBER. I have several examples of Webb glass in this colour, but not in the Bullseye pattern.

--- Quote ---Most of the Webb that was in this style has an acid etched mark on the underside, but I suspect some were made without it.
--- End quote ---

I'd agree. In the following photo showing four examples of mine, the small tumbler doesn't have a mark, but is identical in every other way. As a guide, the Biscuit Barrel (Cookie Jar for US viewers!) is about 7" (18cm) tall. Also Bullseye was created up to the 1960s, but the acid-etch mark after 1949 merely mentions 'Webb' with 'England' underneath.

: : click thumbnail to enlarge : :

Lastly, if you are thinking of collecting this type of glass, the good news is that it's not expensive and even larger pieces of Bullseye can be got for as little as £10-15!


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