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Frank Eisner

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When you get to Radar book, the link should be to Jobling, Wear Glassworks, Sunderland as that was where he was in War years.

A bit late with this, but I checked the book Radar some while ago and it had fascinating details and personal reminiscences about the development of radar equipment and its usage. But there was nothing that helped in connection with Eisner or any possible work that he may have been involved with.

One more chip with thanks to Stan of Scotland...

--- Quote ---
I have in my collection of medals a British Empire Medal(BEM) awarded to Frank Eisner and he is gazetted in London Gazette as follows;

Frank Eisner, BEM LG 09 Jan 1946 Page 323 - listed as Glassblower. Lemington Glass Company.

At some point in the future I am hoping to have a look through the newspaper archives that may contain information of his award and hopefully a picture.I hope this is of some use to you.
--- End quote ---

A Spitfire paperweight recently sold on eBay. It was signed by Frank and dated 1944 at Lemington. Totally different from the spitfire weight shown in the book Ysart Glass.

I think it was yourself who sent me a link to the book on Robert Havel and Waterford.
I believe he is still alive, and as both he and Charles Bačik and indeed Eisner were all of Czech origin, it would make some sense if Eisner went to work there.
Worth an explore?


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