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Flanged Vase

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Just bought this vase and I am sure I have seen the shape somwhere before - can't pin it down - very distinctive - can anyone help - heavy cased and 10.5" tall - link - - it has a Whitefriars look but it's not - base is ground but the rim is 'formed' and left rounded by maker

Can't help you on this, but I like it. Terry

:idea:  Also available in Neodymium glass, from Zbs Glass, Zeleznobrodsk√© Sklo   :idea:

Thanks - I get Zelezny Brod Glass (ZBS) - Czech also made in Neodymium glass - which is like incandescant (glow in dark) - have lots of that incandescant glass and know the czech makers were masters - wow to think that such a heavy piece was treated in this way - I would love to collect a bit like that - I get designers from that factory (many small studios) as Pavel Hlava, S Libensky, J Tockstien - my millers fact file says they never signed - any idea what the vase is called and who designed it - also I know it's 60's - 70's but can that be confirmed - any other pics would be great - any idea of value (gulp - but has to be asked eh LOL)

David55 said:
--- Quote ---  Czech also made in Neodymium glass - which is like incandescant (glow in dark)
--- End quote ---

Erm...I don't think Neodymium glass glows in the dark...  In my experience it's a pale lilac colour that simply changes hue to a greyish colour in different lighting situations.  I think the piece I have is Murano...


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