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T. Yamamoto ID = Hoya Crystal, Japan

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Looks like a Cattleya orchid.  What kind of size difference are you talking?  Pressed things can vary a bit in size.

Hi Kristi we meet again on the Hoya/Yamamoto trail!! Your right it is a Cattleya Orchid

Hi Otis,  have a look further back in this link we did way back in 08......can't believe I have been on this trail for so long!!

There is a reference to a letter O wrote to them and their could contact them to tell you which month the Orchid represented I thought it was November....good luck.

Love this series of plates.  I bought a set of 6 recently with the Daffodils on them.  Gorgeous stuff.  Hoya Crystal has an interesting history - Alice Cappell, an ex Steuden executive brought the Hoya line to the US in 1985 and helped develop their crystal line over the 10 years that she was with them.  Hoya shut down the crystal line in 2009.  Happy hunting


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