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T. Yamamoto ID = Hoya Crystal, Japan

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They need to rethink the crystal website, slow and hard to navigate! But some fascinating pieces... love the overlay glasses and skull range.


     Hi, don't forget the Daffodil !!          John

Thanks for that fab site IVO......where do you get all your info from?  Today you are the 'Glass God' :fwr:

Hello John, that's what 'Narcissus' are.....daffodills!!
Is that your splendid plate?  Do you have any more info about them to add to the already mounting pot of fabulous material....the GMB always comes up trumps, doesn't it!!?

Hello krsilber.....When I said the plate was pressed, this is, I must confess, an assumption that they are not hand blown as they are all the same size.  Most of the info comes from 'Googling' permutations of the artists name, Hoya, Japanese glass and so on......each site gives a little more info, and leads to another possible thread and source.  Googling images also throws up some very interesting auction sites, especially the German ones, where they seem to research their wares very well before putting them on the auction least, that is the impression I get. It is a very time consuming passtime, prone to disappointment and frustration......however, the odd gem does come up.......although how IVO's link didn't show, I will never know, but it was very late at night, so I probably had my antennae folded by then! :-[
I would still like more info from any source available, and if I come across anything else, I will add it here for those of you who have plates & want more information.


--- Quote from: rosieposie on October 11, 2008, 01:40:45 PM ---Thanks for that fab site IVO......where do you get all your info from?  Today you are the 'Glass God' :fwr:

--- End quote ---

He is every day Rosie.  :angel:,19149.0.html (he's way too modest to blow his own trumpet!)

    Hi Rosie,  yes it's my plate, bought yesterday afternoon.  I thought I would look on here to see if the name had ever been mentioned, and behold !!!  your question was there on the site.   Just coincidence.
    Sorry, only posh people say Narcissus.   ;)      [and I didn't realise it was the same flower].
 Good to learn about these things.
     Regards,  John.


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