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The Glass Message Board is a part of a group of sites freely provided by Angela Bowey. Two of those other sites are the Glass Museum and the Glass Encyclopedia - you'll find button links to both at the top of every page here on the board.

As well as being superb sources of information for you, the Glass Museum and Glass Encyclopedia websites can be used as links to support the information in your sales descriptions... e.g. if you're selling a Sowerby piece you could link to this page: or this page: - both of which have more info about Sowerby glass (and lots of pictures too!)  Using the links helps give buyers the confidence in you as a seller that you've done your homework and know what you're talking about!  8)

Every page on the Glass Encyclopedia and the Glass Museum has links back to glass searches on eBay, to make it easy for anyone looking for glass to find listings - this benefits you as well as more exposure for your sales can mean a better sales result, and the board benefits from a small commission for any sale finalised from using the links - that helps keep the board on line.

So, please do link to the Glass Museum and Glass Encyclopedia pages in your sales on eBay and elsewhere. Check them out - there's masses of information in both sites and links back to them and to the Glass Message Board itself are warmly welcomed.


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