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Markhbeinn / Inwald ‘Poisson Volant Bowls'

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Just bought this Markhbeinn ‘Poisson Volant Bowl’ in three parts – is that the right attribution I am looking at the excellent Pressglas Museum and it says it was issued in 1935 – it is deco and feels old from ware to base

Note - I have another bowl to confuse matters that is in two pieces, the frog is smaller and attached to the main bowl – the bowl is exactly same size – only the fish is separate, it is slightly different moulding with a twisted tail – what is the story with these two – same date and manufacturer?

Any help accepted

Adam D555 :twisted: :twisted:

I believe this was made by Josef Inwald (Czechoslovakia). I haven't studied this particular item in depth, so I can't give you any further info on the variation.


Markhbeinn was an importer of Bohemian glass in France and in the thirties published a yearly catalogue. He sold items produced by Reich and Inwald and others. He did not produce himself.

If you want to read a little about Inwald and Markhbeinn (with particular reference to Inwald's "Jacobean" aka "Lord"/"Milord" pattern that Markhbeinn was the French distributor for) go to my website (url below) and choose "Inwald's Jacobean" off the left hand menu. I have a catalog illustration from Markhbeinn there.



 Your bowl might not be as old as you think. These were still being imported into the UK in 1962.




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