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Amber Glass i.d. anyone?

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Can anyone help i.d. these pieces which have just surfaced out of my cupboard (I haven't got a shed :D )

First a Dressing table set which I think is complete. Not as chunky as some of the Bagley ones I have seen but art-decorish nonetheless.

Second is my Spotty Dick vase. Amber with dark spots on 3 feet

Lastly a very tall crackle vase with prunts and polished pontil.10"

As ever grateful thanks for any input and taking the time to look at my little purchases.


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Lastly a very tall crackle vase with prunts and polished pontil.10"

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I don't usually like crackle glass, but the rim & the prunts make this one a winner! Nice find! As for the inkspotty, I have a Murano, labelled, with very similar pattern. It's in storage right now but I'll try & remember to dig it out next time I'm down there & we can see how well they match!

Having taken a closer look at spotty, those scrolled, applied feet make me hink it's quite early - maybe 1920-1925, anyone else agree/disagree as it would settle an unrelated dispute LoL!

Best Wishes, Lyn

I think those little roly-poly feet are early - though when exactly 'early' is, I wouldn't like to say!  :lol:  :roll:

I have a litle amber bowl with feet like that, which I think is 'early', as in 'Victorian' (oh, isn't it all 'Victorian' on ebay?   :wink: )  No spots, no other similarities, just the feet.    Does this prove anything?  :?

OK, I'm going! :roll:


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Thanks Lyn and Leni for your input.
Tell the truth these two were going at auction and nobody was bidding and each had some features I liked but were not really very attractive to me so I put my hand up and got them for next to nothing! That was years ago probably 3 or 4 and they have been in the cupboard ever since.
However since joining this board it is the ideal place to put to bed lots of queries which have been building up over the years.

I had no thoughts on either except the prunt one I thought was probably Bohemian but the finish is quite good with the prunts and polished pontil that I thought well somewhere someone has taken the time to put in some care and attention so it demands a second look.

Old is good Leni as long as its not new Chinese :)


Hello Doris

Dressing table set
What a very complete set it is !  I don't think I've seen one with quite that many pieces before.
As nobody has come forward with an English maker, then Czech is the next usual suspect and after that German. Have you had a good look for anything in the same pattern at Pamela's pressglas-pavillion ?

Ink Spot
There is a Murano company called Maetri Vetrai which specialises in tortoiseshell glass and some of their stuff is done in older styles. But
the polished pontil would rule them out and the cut rim suggests Czech / Bohemian though I don't remember seems any Czech tortoiseshell before.  The feet are curious but quite simple. I'm not sure if they tell us much bearing in mind that a lot of glass has been made in older styles.
I can't see Leni's feet well enough to compare. Despite all that I like it.

Tall Prunted
What a curiosity and I like it !
Czechs are the biggest prunters around  ...but with crackle ? and that shape ? I don't know. The glass looks rather thicker than I would expect. Is the rim fire polished ? (ie rounded and smooth)
This piece definately says younger (1960's Im thinking) trying to look older to me and I don't think it's Czech either.  The color, thickness and rim remind me of my oil pourer maybe Spanish ??? Whats the base like ?


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