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Letters on my glass - DRGM - 'tis a Mystery

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Has anyone seen the moulded letters
or it could be
on a piece of press-moulded glass?

Any idea what they could be? I believe the piece was made circa 1930s and almost certainly Czech.

1. Edited to add....I just "googled" and found some glass items marked as DRGM. Some seem to indicated Germany. My confusion now lies in the fact that I believe the pressed pattern on this item was made by Rindskopf in Czechoslovakia. So why DRGM? (Deutsches Republic Germany????? Please note I don't DO German very well).

2. Second edit....I am answering my own questions. Sorry!
Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster?

I am finding this stamp on all sorts of items. Has anyone seen it on a piece of pressed glass?


Hi Glen, yes second edit is it
the above candle holder bears also this and additionally a number -
DRGM was the register to hold copyright of the pattern - same as your Rd.s
Bohemia at that time was part of Deutsches Reich.

Thanks Pamela (and Bernard for the thought...)

Now a couple of further questions, please.

Pamela - what is the exact meaning of Gebrauchs Muster? Could it apply to - say - a patent for a basic design shape (form)?

As I said, what confuses me about my glass piece is this....I am fairly sure that the pattern on the glass (not the shape and form) is Czech. I know the pattern from the Rindskopf catalogues.

But I suspect maybe the actual shape and form of the item (it is an unusual and complex shape) was registered / designed in Germany.

So, is it possible that the form was a German design (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster) and the glass was made in Czechoslovakia?

I have not seen any other Rindskopf pieces with DRGM on.


Deutsches Reich Geschützte Marke according to my info. Is it Gebrauchsmuster?

Thanks for the further info everyone. I suspect this item dates from before 1938. I do believe that it was actually made (poured) by Rindskopf and it is undoubtedly in a pattern line (Inverted Prisms) that they made.

The form (shape) however is most unusual and is not shown in any of their catalogues. The form IS, however, shown in Brockwitz catalogues (it is a most unusual and complex mould).

I now suspect that the form is a registered German design but that the glass itself was "poured" in Czechoslovakia. What I don't know is if the mould was actually made in Germany - or if the mould was made in Czechoslovakia under some sort of agreement/licence. I was hoping the meaning of the letters DRGM might give me that answer.



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