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green vase with jewels


These vases have been in my family for at least 45 years. They're approx 14 inches high - well the unbroken one is! I have all the bits (some are tiny) of the broken one and I'm wondering if it's worth trying to get it repaired. Can anyone provide any information about them?

I posted a message a while ago about a piece I have,blue glass with a red and blue inset 'jewel',mine also had what I thought were pottery flowers stuck to the sides(it was enamel)some one suggested the name Bormioli but couldn't find any info on them,not a lot of use I know but your not on your own,Keith.

Bormioli Parma being one of the largest glass houses in the world I am surprised you could not find any information.  Bormioli glass gives more than 800.000 hits on Google so maybe you just gave up too soon.

What Bormioli made in the 40s and 50s were cheaply produced items with gold trim and beads stuck to the side. These pieces look very different - insofar as they have a satinated surface, enamel trim and a neogothic cut edge which I associate with mid 19th century Bohemian glass. But I'm not quite sure where or when these pieces originate. I would be tempted to say Bohemia.

Thanks for the information. I've searched the internet for Bohemian glass and have found a few examples which are similar. Will keep looking.

Not Bormioli Rocco.

Opal glass was made in Parma in the end of the 60's till the 90's.
But fully machine made, IS.
Looks far from an IS machine made item.




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